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Hello there prospective writer! Have you found yourself writing walls of text on Reddit/forums on various EVE-related subjects? Are you passionate about our little spaceship game? Do you follow in and out of game happenings and love talking about them?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, and can put those thoughts and ideas to virtual paper, we’d love to see your work. We’re always looking for talented writers here at Crossing Zebras, be them for one-off submissions or for starting a series. 

Why should you write for CZ?

  • We are one of the most well-regarded, impartial and equal-opportunity EVE Online journalistic resource out there, bar none, and we pride ourselves on that. As such, we’re a great platform for your ideas to reach some of the best and most influential minds of EVE Online. No more writing things thinking no one reads them! Our core readership, aside from regular people like yourself, also comprises CCP staff and bloc-level FC’s, as well as some of the most respected pillars of our community.
  • After your piece leaves your hands, it begins the process of being edited by one of our qualified editors and carefully composed and formatted for the website. We make sure your piece is the best that it can be and that it’s in a position where it can inspire, entertain and inform, to the best of our medium’s limits. We may even create custom art for your pieces sometimes!
  • Each full-length article is remunerated with 250 million ISK and we have a long history of paying out that amount to our writers consistently and on time, so you’ll be well compensated for the ratting ticks or explo loot that you’ll be missing by writing for us instead of playing.

How can you get started?

“If you wish to be a writer, write.” – Epictetus

So, get to writing! That’s the hardest part.

After that’s done and you’re happy with your piece put it on a Google Doc and contact us via the staff AT crossingzebras.com email or get in our discord channel and poke either Niden or Cosmo. Feel free to stick around there as well and say ‘hi’ to our fellow CZpatriots!

Once that’s done, we’ll review it internally and once it passes that phase, we’ll begin the process of editing it. We will have a back and forth for a while regarding commas and the structure of your text, but in the end, we’ll ‘OK’ it together and one of the editors will format it in the backend. After all that, someone will push a button and your work will be featured on the front page of Crossing Zebras!

If you’re keen to keep this up, we’ll also add you to our staff channels where you can hang out with the rest of the regular CZ writers and podcasters. It’s a great place to exchange ideas and be inspired.

Upon the next Monday after it published, you’ll get paid the ISK amount and the cycle resumes.


So what are you waiting for! Get to writing! And let us know about it when it’s done as well. 🙂

~The CZ Staff

About the author


Cosmo has been playing Eve Online for the better part of a decade, on and off as most Eve 'careers' go, over the span of a dozen trials and over multiple accounts. He's your average every-man player, with no hats thrown in any rings and with enough perspective to not get bogged down in endless threadnaughts on how every new feature will 'ruin' the game.

He loves the concept of Eve and the potential of what it could be more than the actual grimy bits that currently define the experience. "An Eve Online beyond Eve Online" as he likes to put it.