Worthless Modules You and Your Friends Still Fit


While it may be true that there is often no ‘best fit’ in Eve, as you often will want to use different modules to suit a different purposes, there are some modules that have absolutely no use whatsoever, because there are simply better alternatives in every aspect. These are three modules that are completely obsolete and have much better alternatives that I still see fit on ships and that have even ended up on alliance-wide doctrines. There are many bad or inefficient modules in Eve but these ones are some of the most pronounced and the ones I see the most often. 

1. Named/meta energized adaptive membranes. I see these fairly frequently and they are completely useless because they provide less armor resistances than meta 4 or T2 adaptive plating. They also use CPU, come at a higher price and base cost, while also using more paste to repair.



‘Refuge’ Adaptive Nano Plating I is readily available and can usually be obtained for 100k ISK. It is better than Adaptive Nano Plating II since it requires less paste to repair. It also requires the exact same skill requirements of the Tech I Adaptive Membrane.


It’s not just bad alliances fitting these either, for example, Pandemic Horde’s doctrine New Bean Inquisitor actually includes a Tech I EANM when the ‘Refuge’ would be better in every single way. The named/Tech I EANMs are really misleading. Hopefully when CCP gets around to adding energized adaptive membranes and nano platings to the Tiericide project they can address this.

2. Omni / multispectrum ECCM. Omni ECCM, unlike the specific ECCM, types gives a bonus to all sensor types, however, the sensor type of ships is static and does not change. There is a small niche case where using LG ECCM implants (Spur etc.) can change a ship’s sensor type but this is still static in the sense where it doesn’t change in a fight. Why is omni ECCM bad? It uses so much more capacitor than the racial types.


The best named omni ECCM uses more than 4x the capacitor of the best named racial specific ECCM when factoring in activation cost and cycle time. The T2 versions (which you should never use because meta 4 is better, provides same strength with lowered fitting/cap cost, easier to repair, lowered ISK cost) still uses double the capacitor cost of the racial T2 Type. This module shouldn’t really be in the game unless it provides some other utility, maybe if it was an ECCM/sensor booster hybrid with lower stats but combined into one module or provided more max targets or something it would actually see some niche use, but as it stands now, stop fitting it on your ship.


3. 100mm plates. They are just too inefficient to be worth a slot. The T2 Version is out-traded by two cold cycles of an Ancillary Armor Repairer, for double the CPU cost, more grid, and the additional mass penalty from the plate itself. These might have a niche use if they had 0 fitting cost, as it stands though, there is almost no use for them. On many bigger sized small module ships (some destroyers, AFs etc,) They actually end up adding less EHP than an EANM II would.



I hope this helps you and your friends avoid the mistake of fitting these modules to your ships, until tiericide comes around, avoid them and laugh at those poor souls who still fit them to their ships.

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Suitonia is a veteran PvP pilot, PvPing for almost a decade solo or in small gangs, taking part in multiple alliance tournaments on the HYDRA RELOADED team (RIP), and a commentator/analyst for #EVE-NT Collides.