Wormhole Life in Hyperion

It’s been about a week since Hyperion brought the first changes to wormholes in five years. Most people in the wormhole community seem to sit in one of two camps; they are either ok with the changes or they hate them and are even angrier with CCP for releasing them despite the backlash at their announcement. In this week’s piece we will go over the feel of w-space since the changes and talk a little about how some of the players are responding.

We Happy Few

Let’s begin on a happy note by discussing the people who are generally pleased with the changes. From the perspective of my own alliance we are really enjoying things. The new frigate sized wormholes have already beenfruitful for us and we are putting together ideas for fits and doctrines to use when we find targets through them. We also came across this orca pilot who learned a valuable post-Hyperion lesson: don’t roll a wormhole solo, especially not in an orca. Outside of my alliance there are definitely signs that people are enjoying Hyperion. It didn’t take long for players to crowdsource the frigate wormhole names and associated destinations for players to reference, and I think that sort of interest in the new connections shows that they may end up being more useful than many players initially thought. A look at the w-space kills on zkillboard shows that there is still plenty of activity and fighting going on throughout wormhole space.

The Pitchfork Crowd

It is difficult to judge the number of wormhole players that are still upset about the changes as this subset is definitelymorevocal about their displeasure with the changes. Players are reporting wanting to leave w-space and also seeing other players in the process of leaving w-space. Without speaking with each of these players directly it is difficult to know whether they are leaving because they are unable to cope with the changes or simply unwilling to try. Personally if you ask me it mostly feels like the latter.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you’ve decided to stay (and I hope you do) you need to accept that some things are done differently now. You need to be a little more mindful when rolling a wormhole, for example (see our friend in the orca above, though that was a terrible idea even before Hyperion). Many C4 residents are complaining about the second static making things far more dangerous for them, but as a C4 resident myself I completely disagree with that. I think a second static has made things more interesting in a number of ways. For starters, our wormhole chains are now much larger than they were before which increases the amount of possible fights we could find. Larger chains for C4s are also nice for not only finding more k-space exits when you want one, but also leading to fewer dead-ends in the wormhole chain. The new static connection also exposes us to new and different wormhole groups than we had exposure to before, which I welcome. If you’ve decided to leave, then I find that unfortunate but I can’t really blame you for doing what you think is best for yourself or your corp/alliance. CCP Fozzie stated during the WH townhall that they would be looking at statistics after the launch of Hyperion and comparing activity (both PvE and PvP) across all of w-space to see the effect. While I highly doubt that anything could make CCP completely roll back these changes they could end up making small tweaks here and there if they feel the changes have had a negative overall effect. However, while this may fall on deaf ears, I will say that you shouldn’t be too hasty in leaving w-space just because these changes were implemented contrary to what many players were wanting. Game developers don’t generally design games to cater to every complaint the players make. If you aren’t sure why, perhaps you should do some reading on the Star Wars Galaxies New Game Enhancements which were done to deal with the complaints from players, but ended up having some pretty bad consequences (read: it killed the game).

Wrap Up

In closing, I think we should say that these changes are still very new and we likely haven’t seen the full impact that they will have on the meta in w-space. Those of us that stay will adjust and adapt to the changes and continue on as we always have. Those who leave will miss out on the excitement as things finally get a little shaken up in wormhole space for the first time in five years. I just hope that CCP doesn’t get shy about making any future changes because of a fear of backlash and outrage.   (Note: If anybody reading this has any particular experience with or opinion on the wormhole changes please send me a mail and let me know, I would love to hear about it.)
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