Winter Isn’t Coming

Of all the different areas of space in EVE Online, there is no other place talked about more than nullsec. Even the people who play elsewhere seem to follow what goes on in null, and a quite a few people aren’t afraid to voice their opinions about it. One of the common complaints is that null has become stale, due to the fact that the two largest superpowers in the game aren’t willing to invade each other. It seems like everyone is pushing for another Great EVE War. Except for those that would be fighting it, of course. Since the CFC formed, I’ve witnessed countless outsiders stand on their soapboxes and shout that cowardice is the sole reason from preventing a new forever-war from kicking off. Usually when you ask these people why a war of that magnitude should start, you’ll usually get one of two answers; either blaming a stale nullsec or the lack of an exciting overall EVE narrative. These people are largely full of shit and have a fundamental misunderstanding of the reality in which the null power players think and operate. For starters, nobody in power in null cares about the overall EVE narrative or the ‘state of nullsec’. The common misperception seems to be that if no massive sovereignty war is being actively fought, that nothing is happening in null. That simply isn’t true. The reality is that most of the null alliances are still actively doing things, even in times of ‘peace’. Whether it’s fighting off local harassment, going on small deployments, or baiting to kill supers there is still plenty going most of the time. ddectc4 Plus, that’s not even going into the awful Dominion mechanics which make such warfare nearly impossible to complete. Taking one region away from an entity that can actively defend it from one timezone is a bitch and a lengthy process. Taking ten away from someone who is actively defending it would take at least a year and a half. The time commitments from leadership would essentially add up to another second full-time job, and no one really wants to do that anymore for a super extended amount of time. A lot of the leadership inside GSF and PL were involved in the Great EVE War, and I can’t imagine anyone wants to put in that level of time commitment again. Even if such a war were to happen and one side got kicked out from their home, you still run into the problem of what to do with that space. If one side theoretically got evicted, you’d still have to install new owners and there simply aren’t enough EVE entities to take over that vacuum left behind. If there were enough EVE entities to emplace, you’d still have to actively defend the region from a counter-attack later once the conquering force deploys back home. Actively defending regions on the other side of the galaxy and bouncing back and forth is also extremely taxing and costly. Of course, there are other major reasons. Both N3/PL and the CFC are both making crazy amounts of ISK from mongoo and their respective rental programs. Nobody is going to potentially throw away their alliance funding in the name of EVE narrative. With the CFC assisting the Russians in the South and N3 assisting Test in Fountain, it seems to be that both sides are pretty keen to limiting the major theater engagements to proxy conflicts. We’ll see how things unfold though, especially considering the CFC is starting to show some cracks in the foundation. P.S. Botlord is the best troll agreement of alltime, I fucking love watching everyone losing their shit over it.
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  • Malcanis

    But it’s nullsec’s DUTY to provide me, the meanngless foreveralone hi-sec mission runner with stuff to read about on EN24 so I can feel like I’m part of something.

    • Easy Esky

      Over the perpetual discussion about high-sec suicide ganking; the baseline that get pushed is Eve is a PvP game. The moment a miner/missioner has undocked – it auto consent for someone else to blow it up. Juxtoposed to Null where there is a lack of consent. non-aggression (read non-pvp) accords exist to protect renters; ie miners and missioners. So far so, that instead of pvp in null, null comes to Jita.

      So, what happened to great author of the Big Lie manifesto? Being CSM has evidently jaded him leaving behind a snarl for every answer.

      • Forlorn Wongraven

        Did you actually read the B0TLRD Accords? Doesn’t sound like it.

  • Lanctharus

    “With the CFC assisting the Russians in the South and N3 assisting Test in Fountain, it seems to be that both sides are pretty keen to limiting the major theater engagements to proxy conflicts.”

    Are we living in the Summer of 2013?

    Last I heard RusRus was in full retreat and TEST was holed away in a couple of backwater systems in Catch. This after losing all their SOV and being made space irrelevant after N3/PL abandoned them last year.

    Something is awry in your timeline me thinks?

    • HVAC Repairman

      I was using example of the proxy conflicts, I wasn’t erasing history. What I said is factually accurate.

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  • Pew Pew

    If you could mount an effective Guerilla campaign against the big alliances (sneaking into their space and stealing from them and disrupting or destroying assets), then the game would work fine.

    Big alliances would be kept in check by the partizans who would harass their core space.

    However the mechanics prevent this, structures have too much hp and it’s very hard to steal from someone.

    If they implemented farms and fields, which has been on the table for years, then all this would be solved.

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  • Trolls are douches

    Trolls have pshycological issues.