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Hey there folks. Time for ‘What you missed this week’, THE Eve-centric weekly summary, to kick into high gear yet again. Live feed strapped to the beating heart and soul of the Eve community, take a seat, grab a warm drink on this cold as hell day and check out what the community has been up to. This week’s been mostly quiet as the Eve players are going into the winter drop and corps and alliances are getting reshuffled following the Tribute war. But don’t despair, as there’s always something happening in Eve Online.

Ever since I started keeping track of these particular threads, I realised how many of us are lost each week, and those are the rare ones who have others that care enough that they notice them missing and also chime back to the community at large. I wonder how many we really lose, how many stories will remain untold…

This week we say farewell to Slopy, after a long battle with cancer left him deep in structure; a former serviceman and a pilot in Special Warfare Division. We also say farewell to Nastai, known amongst friends as Tommi, who flew with Mindstar Technology and apparently once lit a cyno in a Machariel. 

Moving on, Perimeter gets ever more crowded like a busy mid-eastern bazaar, haggling merchants included. We’ve had some blokes put up an XL EC freeport in a bid to get that sweet tax ISK from anyone that wishes to move operations closer to Jita. I’m not huge into industry, but I wonder at the 5% tax. After hearing people talk in terms of percentages for so long, 5% seems quite a lot to leave on the table for the intermediary. Chime in in the comments if I don’t know jack.

emergency ‘this is fine’ debugging

Jumping the gate into Jita, earlier this week people were stumped, and terrified, as the market completely collapsed onto itself. It was a system wide failure and CCP had to take the game down for an emergency ‘this is fine’ debugging. Honestly, I have a high degree of respect for anyone that works in a high-pressure environment such as that, especially with the players being as.. vocal.. as they can be. In any case, it got resolved and we quickly got back to economic PvP.

Speaking of economic PvP, CCP apparently had to take a hard stance on farming Mini SP boosters. Honestly, I don’t know if it was worth it for the 30 minutes or 1 hour, however long it took, to get the measly amount of SP, but this is Eve, and I know people go to great lengths for minimal gains. Anyhows, even if I don’t usually agree with StainGuy, he is right, why not just dump the SP into their pool. What’s the use of an intermediary item? Especially if you expect them to use it on themselves.

In terms of mistakes CCP also apparently has a disaster in motion. The japanese community which i’ve mentioned before have yet to hear any response to their pleas in regards to localization. They’ve gotten to the point of sending a written mail in hopes of a reply. This time they also shared with us some of their Eve-centric culture and what really drove the point home for me was this picture i found on their #evejapan twitter hashtag. They were there, in the same TiDi fest, shooting at the same thing, from way across the planet. They’re Eve Online players. Truly.

We can always use more unknowing fleets venturing into sudden death.

Contrasting with highsec woes, deep in nullsec ‘stuff started working‘ apparently, as they haven’t until now. I wonder how something as huge as this, which has been changed more than a good few months ago, hasn’t gotten any real rabblerabble traction. In any case, as the sov upgrades finally spin up to work, i’ll be greatly expecting more incursions into WH space. We can always use more unknowing fleets venturing into sudden death.

Null was a huge troll this week, mostly dealing with TEST’s redeployment. First it was mentioned they’d be moving to Tenerifis and Immensea, then joked with the dank null in  Outer Passage. But the reality is simpler. TEST is skimming past Obe in LS for a bit, CO2 will move to Curse, and after getting themselves sorted out, so will TEST probably. But hey, what do I know, i’m no Salivan and I live in the evershifting sands of spooky-space.

Switching over to the AT for a moment, the official Eve Online video channel finally released the proper Finals/day 3-4-5 video roundups of ATXIV. Better late then never, right? A bit just for archiving purposes at this point though.

Sharing knowledge is a proud Eve tradition

An interesting thread also popped up on Reddit, asking ‘what is the most obscure thing you know about Eve Online?’. Highly recommended for a read if you think Eve has no more surprises for you, or if you’re new, a heap of nostalgia fragments from people that have been playing this game for so long it’s embarrassing. Sharing knowledge is a proud Eve tradition anyhow, especially now with the ‘useless’ item-gifts coming up, leaving people squinting at their screens trying to understand the references.

Closing up, we have a change that was heavily expected as a result of rogue ships suddenly ending up in space as you undocked from citadels in a hurry. A funny, if asshole-puckering, moment as the ship can then be spacejacked and stolen right from under you. Just goes to show how differently Citadels are programmed compared to Stations/Outposts.


The art this week starts with CorrinMor doing my request of a Proteus tanking a Ghost Site. 🙂 He had a one-week-free-idea-submission period and cranked out some awesome stuff, well-worth checking out.


We have also Gentaro De Averial continuing his wireframe series of ships with a Nemesis and a Dramiel, hereshown the Nemesis:


Fresh out of the oven, we get more brilliant Cymek propaganda, maybe a sign that even if the war is closing down, we may still see TEST snapshots.


We also had CptBlastahoe throw down some mad rapping skills in his new release, Pump.


What moves the human spirit more than the feeling of accomplishment? That feeling of creating something fantastic with your own two hands, of making your will manifest into the world. But it’s a long and hard path, filled with obstructions, both big and small, that can crush any great endeavour. Even so, sometimes the stars can align, the moonbeam hitting the surface of the lake just right to make great things a reality

Some things though, are not meant to be and are forsaken to be forgotten in the dark reaches of the Cave. They may be unworthy or simply just refused by the minds at large, or they may just be biding their time, awaiting the right person to pluck them and draw them into our reality.

This week we get to see how NOT to fit a Kronos, certainly not with beam lasers, a cloak and armor tanking without resists, as shown by this brutal kill by a Goonswarm fleet.


On the other end of the spectrum, even the humble Retriever can be horribly fit, and ridiculously, as shown by this kill of Brave bombers.



I’m gonna start this section off with this glorious bit of top tier morale FC-ing.

We also have Reload showing us a video of how can Alpha Clones make that sweet ISK.

ARC Studios has been doing some great videos over time, but the most recent ones are SCOPE-like in concept, pretty well executed and a fantastic effort. Definitely check them out.

If you’re in the mood for some blops, you can always watch Jumpdrive Appreciation Society doing some truly glorious dunks.

Stepping down a notch, we also have Brave showing us how to finish a training fleet in style.

Eve is hard on the path of a designed experience, CCP controlling what gets used and how it gets used. But some remnants of possibilities remain hidden away in the code. 

Does anyone remember the Inferno expansion?

It was the expansion that threw Ancillary reps, Drone Damage Amplifiers, Reactive Armor Hardeners, Capacitory Batteries and Web Drones at the wall and saw what stuck. Some of the commonplace modules like DDAs and Overclocking rigs have cemented themselves as fantastic options to harden existing fits, but it was the like of Target Spectrum Breakers and Reactive Armor Hardeners that really opened up new fits, or at the very least, new avenues of thinking about how combat develops and how can it be disrupted and interacted with.

I would love a new wave of ‘experimental’ modules, things that even if they don’t get widespread appeal, they will just further enrich the combat setting and make unique fits possible. As much as I think the ‘module bloat’ is a problem to solve, I don’t think it’s meant to be solved by reducing the number of options, but by creating a better structure for displaying them. I’d love to eventually have modules sort by effects instead of the archaic current display way, tied to the market. 

But in any case, in the end, haven’t we gotten tired of seeing the same fits? Even if to flavour the meta for a few months, the still waters have to be shaken once in a while. 


Thank you for reading this edition of ‘What you missed this week’. If you think we missed something, share it in the comments section, i’m sure a lot of people still want to check out more things. Also please leave any suggestions and ideas you may have in the comments as well, and as always, if you enjoy the work we’re doing here, please toss a nickle or an iskcent into our real or virtual wallets to keep this going with the same aplomb and quality.

PS: Has anyone really been spin even as decided to spin even go want to do spin more like?

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