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Hey there and welcome back to ‘What you missed this week’, THE Eve-centric weekly summary of the beating heart and soul of the Eve community over this past seven days! This week’s been a true dramacoaster with some very interesting developments. Burn Jita happened (and is happening) and generally the community was a hive of activity during this last period, the CSM interviews heating up as well.

Going to reiterate here that i’m still looking for a nullsec-focused and aware person that can offer up a summary of ‘the big things’ happening, that has half an hour each sunday to run me through it. That said, let’s move on to roundup!

The big drama this week was around the “Just Let It Happen (FUM8)” alliance getting reported by a player, allegedly a rape victim/sexual assault survivor, to CCP as having an EULA breaking alliance name which he/she also found inappropriate. CCP subsequently renamed it to a default-renamed Eve Alliance 99005866. CCP Falcon was quick on the draw and supported CCP’s action, which for one of the few times in his reddit ‘career’, has led him to garnering almost 150 internet bad-boy points. Just a few short days later, in contrast to Falcon’s support/damage control, the decision was revoked and the “Just Let It Happen” name was returned to its founders.

A large post going deeper into the phenomenon from a bigger-world angle held the frontpage for  day or two and i’ll be elaborating on this in this week’s Thought of The Week at the bottom of this article.

Joined in this controversy was also Spysix’s case, as a mod of the /r/eve subreddit, that locked down the initial thread due to too many reports and wanting to get a handle on the escalating situation. It was poorly received and it didn’t fare well. Try to fight fire, and you will get burnt.

I’m starting to see a pattern here. Usually mondays are the days where huge ground-breaking exploits usually hit the public masses, as shown by this week’s post of a small issue regarding the act of being able to teleport stuff  freely around Citadels. Trivial really. CCP quickly put out an announcement clearly marking it as a bannable exploit which is ongoing to be fixed. Again i wonder what happened to CCP’s Plex4Snitches programme? This is the kind of thing that should have been caught by it before it reached the frontpage of /r/eve.

On the other hand, even when CCP is bombarded with ‘don’t do this, it’ll be totally exploited’, they still go ahead with it, as the recent kerfufle around Rorquals has spilt over a larger area of space than just nullsec PANIC super tackling. Fixes are underway that’ll rework its industrial might as well as its overall combat utility,  but it will take a long while to get the Rorqual to a non game breaking state. Meanwhile, regarding its industrial capability, some people are making a case for the opposite effect.

It seems players in general prefer Reddit or the tweetfleet Slack as prime methods of communication with the devs. And the reason for it is that it usually works, or gets a better reply than they’d get through in-game ‘proper’ channels. Someone posts a thread to remove DUST characters from the search and a day or so later, CCP replies, fixes, and implements it; a tiny fix of a small issue which was a single line of code. But it also speaks of approachability: come to a tech support during his work hours and he’ll run you through the ringers with your issue, come at him with a coffee and a bagel in his lunch break and you’ll get a different reception. There is a discussion to be had if this type of communication is something we want to have happen or if it’s subverting the actual proper tools CCP uses and is expecting to be used in order to receive proper feedback.

This week we got our first look at the new Drilling Platforms, very much WIP, as ‘leaked’ on SiSi. While it does have ‘Raitaru’ written on the side, we know CCP often reshuffles models around. I mean FAXes were stations initially, right? /s

While we are not getting these next month, what we are getting in about two weeks time will be a change to the Mobile Warp Disrupters which makes them decay (T2 will have 1 week liftime) as well as make them regen a lot slower and be weaker in terms of overall hitpoints. I was expecting to find outrage on the russian community Eve forums, but apparently, that’s not the case, as even they are lobbying for an even shorter duration of the lifetime, as a week is felt to be too long.

Information on the March update isn’t on the official site yet, and stuff is getting thrown around the forums in various spots. They talk of repair in Citadels, drones and fighter changes, the above mentioned Rorqual touchups with a sledgehammer as well as a change to Focused Warp Scrambling scripts, and introduction of Warp Disruption scripts, for HICs

Moving on to player shenanigans, a shakeup was afoot in Pandemic Horde this week as the person in charge of one of their ore buyback platforms, Vertiso Ambraelle, represented by the Fapping Fabricators corp, decided to skadadle with goods summing up hundreds of billions of ISK. The story has another layer as he was ‘jokingly’ AWOXed, even with no losses sustained. Vertiso had been out of PH for a week or so but the buyback programme apparently kept running and people are reported to still be throwing contracts at the corp even after being purged and marked -10. What have we learned from this: people who do indy and logistics are fucking weird and i’d advise not to trigger them in any way if you still want to have an indy wing.

Talking of triggering indy people, Burn Jita happened/is still happening again this year, so if you have hauling business in Jita, don’t. If you’ve read my report last week on CODE. allegedly getting ‘robbed’, i am sad to say that it was all a cunning ☼ruse☼, so eloquently and masterfully shitposted that by the time even people on the inside got the true jist of things, space-rich people were already making crowdfunded efforts to help out CODE. and get Burn Jita back on track.  None of that was needed it seems, as Burn Jita was/is a roaring success, crashing CCP’s Jita node more than once and tallying in a respectable amount of burnt assets. Stay docked kids. Go play some Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta. Still, people really went nuts with the tinfoil on this.

And again speaking of blowing up harmless freighters, BO-LD has had quite a run so far, jumping off of the Brave Collective bandwagon after their stint in Fountain and subsequent collapse, joining INFAMOUS, which collapsed, then VOID and Escalating Entropy which.. yeah, you guessed it. They were going to join the newly unofficially-reformed HERO coalition with Brave and TEST under TEST’s banner, as reported by dank leaqs, but apparently decided to join up on the other side with BRAVE yet again. It seems all the boys are coming back. Now we just need BOVRIL to quit Sev3rance…

Also CCP biomassed Empress Catiz I. Let the lore squabbling and speculating commence!

Starting us off this week we have Razorien again with some great space photography from Burn Jita.

Cymek Kesuke did a propagand piece in Cymek’s style so well that i was fooled into believing it /was/ Cymek. (thank you Theoriginalamam for the correction) The subject: TEST’s success in the now-concluded Snooty Dooty War. 

And this cutesy drawing of the mascots of the now-infamous Just Let It Happen/FUM8, League of Unaligned Master Pilots/LUMPY and Combat Wombat./Wombo done by someone i forgot to tag in my Google Doc. If you’re s/he, please leave me a message on Discord or a comment here to add the source.

A good deal of humanity is living in a post-scarcity world right now. This probably is the biggest influencing factor of our current civilisation’s trajectory as we stamp out diseases, as we get closer to providing clothes, shelter, food and water to more and more people, as well as educating them to be the next generation of doctors and firefighters. 

Utopias usually have the common theme of humanity being free of necessity and obligations, untrifled by menial actions or trivialities. While far from living with matter-transformed food or reaching thousand-year lifespans of peace and prosperity, we already are succumbing to the first known symptom of a utopia. The lack of need.

If left to their own devices, free of ‘having to’ and ‘needing’, both from external and internal factors, left alone to be the driving force of their own lives, will men have any will to ‘strive’ when freed from matters of time or lacking the obligation to care for the basic survival of their meat suits? I find it hard to believe.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, just how much is too much. For some people that’s when they stop training biceps since they can’t hold their cellphone to their ear with the same-sided arm, but others don’t have that self-control, and decide putting six warp core stabs on an explo T3C is a smart choice, instead of a few inertial stabs; shown as killed by Who Dares Wins.

Starting off the video section, we have Eve Pro Guides doing a decent overheating guide for new players.

We move on to applying said knowledge in this video by Lord Carlos featuring some great smallgang action.

Only to quickly move up to larger scale fleet combat, recorded and edited by Niden, showing this week’s Pandemic Horde/The Initiative/Snuffbox/NC./Darkness clusterblap worth almost a trillion in losses.

Closing this up with some Burn Jita footage with many ‘plosions.


So FUM8G8 happened (so proud of myself for that name). In situations such as this, you have to understand that everyone’s right and all viewpoints are to be respected, but it’s easy to lose sight of that. All that it leaves is just puzzling it together in a coherent progression.

Let’s establish our puzzle pieces:

“Just Let It Happen” was named properly and not refused by the naming parser which does tune out certain words. The EULA is a tool that CCP can use to enforce player behaviour. The petition/support ticket sent in by the person was completely legit and it was in her/his power and right to send in. CCP has a responsibility to act upon said support tickets, as well as maintain its public corporation image and persona. FUM8 was offered the oppourtunity to rename their corporation from “Eve Alliance #randomnumbers” after the incident.

So with those pieces in place, let’s talk controversy.

“But CCP, what about ‘I whip my slaves back and forth’/other controversial player/corp/alliance names!”. CCP does not have to act proactively on each occurence of these kinds of names, and i doubt anyone would want that too as it would be heavy-handed. They react on support requests, as in, when CCP is called to action on certain matters, and have the EULA as a tool to use if the situation calls for it. 

“But SJWs shouldn’t dictate law in Eve, HTFUHTFUHTFU!”. Eve Online has a very thin bubble which can be easily pierced by the outside world. Sadly, both its players and its developers itself often fail to realise that. While we may have our own internal subculture, we still live in the same world and we can be reproched by it. Let’s be fair, Erotica1’s Bonus room should have been shut down a lot earlier than it was. This shouldn’t be a considered an impeachement of our ‘way of life’ as much as a growing-up of the medium and the community. Hell, even bigger things are hitting some ceilings right now where stuff they used to do doesn’t fly anymore.

“Even CCP itself is showing disregard by having items such as Prostitutes in the game!”. Separate the game from player interaction. If you see a painting that depicts rape behind a notice that it can ‘affect you’, it’s not the duty of the artist to change it because it can be triggering. Eve Online does have an ESBR ‘teen’ rating meaning you will see mentions of drugs, prostitution and slavery, even if they will not be clearly depicted or a major theme of the interaction. But they will be mentioned. However, online interactions with other people can push that boundary to some extreme cases, and you can’t ‘ward’ proactively against them, just reactively. All you can say is that ‘online interactions are not rated by the ESRB’ or more colloquially: “Thar be dragons”.

“CCP shouldn’t act so lightly on someone being offended.”. CCP has investors, a public image and persona as well as more legal red tape and responsibilities than you. I was fantastically surprised when CCP went back on their decision. It was a mistake. The public world at large backlash this could have had, and still can have, is massive and CCP was fully within their rights to act as they did. I don’t think that, past the initial outrage, anyone would have seriously minded having FUM8 renamed to something equally tongue-in-cheek meta like “It was not let to happen”. That would have been the full best case scenario for all parties.

So where are we left at the end of the day? CCP has shown a weakness for the rages and whims of the playerbase yet again, furthering the weird dichotomy that prevails whenever CCP interactions come into play. Sometimes they’re hard as nails, ‘we don’t give a fuck’, like in the case of various bankers getting permanently banned and their assets frozen even with no apparent ties to RMT, and sometimes they do things like these, which can have a lot bigger repercursions.

“CCP, developers of Eve Online, side with rape-promoting player alliance “Just Let It Happen” against the cries of a sexual victim survivor”.  It’s a horrible twisting of facts, but this can happen very easily with the current quality of media, and it’ll spread like wildfire, for no benefit what so ever to CCP, Eve, or us. All of it because the want to preserve a meme name.




Thank you for reading this edition of ‘What you missed this week’. If you think we missed something, share it in the comments section, i’m sure a lot of people still want to check out more things. Also please leave any suggestions and ideas you may have in the comments as well, and as always, if you enjoy the work we’re doing here, please toss a nickle or an iskcent into our real or virtual wallets to keep this going with the same aplomb and quality.

PS: When you get memed by GMs.

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