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Hello there and welcome to ‘What you missed this week’. I have to appologise beforehand if I didn’t catch most of the memery and the hidden jewels of information these last seven days had for us; the reasoning for that being that for the last week and a half i’ve been heavily involved in some of largest protests my country has seen in the last thirty years. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say we’re in the middle of our own little ‘Trump-grade’ country-wide fiasco, which concerns high-level corruption.

In any case, coming back to our virtual spaceships, i’ll try to at least share with you guys the large brush strokes of what I caught-up to this past week. So as per usual, feet up, drink in hand, and let’s do this.

We’re gonna go ahead with more CSM roundup-ing so if this is not your bag, feel free to skip to the news section.

Starting us up I’m gonna go off a bit and talk about the man rather than his candidacy thread and give him a free plug; seeing that I’m glad he’s giving it another go. The one I’m talking about is a swell guy, he really loves the game, has a solid and well-rounded spaceship-CV and so far has done a fantastic job being a CSM during his first and so-far single run in CSM XI. He knows how to approach the community and when to cut it off as well as how to manage both CCP’s expectations and their requests.
This candidate has been extremely active, has posted a lot of day-to-day reports on his activity as CSM, is involved within the greater community, willing to listen and understand matters going outside his NPC null-sec roots and overall he’s a must-have on your votting slip. I am talking of course of our very own Jin’Taan which has just officially submitted his candidacy. Whatever other candidates you may vote for make sure he’s one of your choices, as far up on the list as you can.

Next up we have Steve Ronuken, better known as Fuzzy Steve, the dude that owns fuzzworks.co.uk. If we’re talking industry, spreadsheets and everything related to third party development expertise with the years and years of experience acting in close participation with CCP to go with it, there is no one that is more qualified than him. This will not be his first rodeo, not by far, and again is a solid pick for your vote.

Finishing up the big-names part of this week’s roundup we have Xenuria. If you ever wanted to know which figure is the polarizing, mocked and generally considered the laughing stock of Eve, it’s Xenuria. It’s hard to speak of him without the context of how he even got a seat on the current CSM XI; as a sick kind of joke of Goon origin that pushed him hoping for him to cause a ruckus within the CSM or just muck up the summits. But that didn’t happen. He was a communicative, even if sometimes too communicative, member of the CSM, he has shown a decent amount of niche skills and expertise and a genuine enthusiasm sheathed in professionalism coupled with high activity. While I’m torn on outright recommending him, if you have an extra slot on your vote I’d say give him a shot, if only as a wildcard.


Coming down to the little guy, we have Ariel Rin, a generalist with random experience strewn across space which helps lead an Australian-focused null corp. His platform is based on communication with the community and a well-meaning offer to strive to push for de-cancerifying the forums. A former member of Reikoku and Snigg, playing since 2011, I wish there was more to recommend him but as such, he’s at least a better option than any other joke candidate. The very fact that he takes it seriously is something I think is key to being a good CSM member.

Moving on we have Leyanora Varkain, director of IT’S ONLY PIXELS and member of null-sec representation. His platform is similar to other null-candidates, focusing on sovereignty, and apparently wishes to have a hand in any future plans for BC/BS-sized logi, as a logi enthusiast himself. His candidacy thread is relatively small and I really wish there was more here for me to get an idea of the man. I guess we’ll have to wait for CSM Watch to start up.

Speaking of dreadfully incomplete threads, we have Random Yotosala, of wormhole Inner Hell fame. His only point of why you’d vote for him as a WH representative is to, quote, “finally have a WH voice in CSM who doesn’t have his main in PL”. I guess that’s something. 

Closing up this week’s CSM roundup, featuring an industry-heavy candidate, we have Terandria Starsong, a ‘youngling’ of two years under his belt but in which probably built more shit than I ever blew up, seeing as his activity involves being part of 0.0 Massive Dynamic in TEST. While he probably has a wide-ranging experience with building various thingy-bobs, he mentions one of his focuses will be aimed squarely at PI, and I don’t think anyone will argue with his assesment that it’s a “click fest”.
He also goes off on a tangent about T3 battleships, something we haven’t heard of or even asked for at this point, which also mentions he wanting it to have a mining subsystem… ho-kay? Honestly, I’d recommend you complete ignore that and focus on the industry bits he mentioned and seeing as we so far don’t have too many indy candidates, he’s in the box to round out our CSM qualifications list.

You’d think that with the summit over we’d have a flood of new information, but it really has been a trickle. Besides the sequential end-of-day videos CCP made with some of the guests we had little in terms of information coming out. I had hoped we would not be relegated to waiting for the blacked-out CSM minutes again, but I guess we will. 

Something did come out though, both the CSM and Fozzie himself pushed forward the question regarding anchored warp bubbles as well as a reopened discussion on the matter of nullification on combat ships. My personal stance here is simple. Timed under 8h anchorable bubbles, removing nullification from interceptors while giving it to shuttles, and if they touch my exploration nullified covops Proteus I will book a flight to Iceland and TP their offices. Like the grown adult I am.

Sticking here just a while longer, if you want to be one of the guys that removes Hyde’s propaganda whiteboard at the next summit you’ll be happy to know the period for submitting official candidacies for the CSM has started as of two-three days ago. The restrictions are thorough and require quite a bit of you, as well as requiring a lot of personal time to give for the cause.

But not everything is hush-hush as we have received an update of the Upcoming page on the Eve site which lists an Angel/Serpentis event come the 14th of February, a host of Venture and Gnosis(and Sunesis) skins, interface improvements, Citadel personal insurence and vague ‘client performance improvements’. I for one can barely wait for the PvP coming out of randomly-spawning event sites.

But while CCP has been making strides it’s also getting assaulted on all sides; there have been a few major shake-ups this week, all based on serious issues.

The first one relates to how CCP manages and tries to work out hacked accounts. It can happen as with all the leaks going around these days it’s hard to keep a password safe minus having an individual one for each service. Still, CCP has it under their purview to help you if you end up in that situation. But as for anything account-related, banning and hacking included, it can take ages if those matter even end up getting solved at all. CCP Arcade, the Lead GM, has posted a long and lenghty explanation which wasn’t met with much happy happy joy joy. I think it’s hard to win that battle, but I urge everyone to remember that at the core, it was your fault for lax security, not theirs, that you got hacked. 

The second one dealt with a revealed Citadel anchoring loophole that allowed one to be ‘safe’ for up to three weeks after anchoring, given how vulnerability time zones get set up and how highsec mechanics work. It requires a very specific set of circumstances but the outcome, given the recent War of the Fortizars in Perimeter, can have massive downfall. My issue here is how the hell wasn’t this caught earlier, and for how long have people used and abused this.
For the first part I can answer it myself I guess, because adding arbitrary non-organic gameplay limitations which are not part of an interlocking system allows these loopholes to exist and denies them the option be battled by other gameplay systems. As for the second, given this is put up by Gobbins, with PH ‘ruling’ highsec Perimeter for less than a few months, I assume it’s been put up as soon as they realised it’s a ‘thing’. Either way, bad form CCP.

Let’s keep piling up on CCP if we started and mention another blunder. EVE Gate can leak your contacts if it’s not set up right. Given a lot of people have alts added as contacts, this makes it easy to create a ‘net’ of known-alts and neutral corps to wardec, all for free, without API interference. Luckily this can be disabled with some quick clicks and toggles but again, I wonder how long this has been a thing.

Moving on to third party devving, fuzzworks’ market now can poll Citadels for orders, which is a large step towards a ‘unified’ market agreggator. At this point I wonder why CCP even tries to keep regions separated since the game has long since passed matters of a few dozen jumps and tradehubs have been set in stone. I guess it adds to the ability to have cross-region trading since otherwise we’d all be fighting 0.01isk wars in global-Jita.

Zkill also tried to get back to the concept of delayed killmails, offering the service of having your killmails delayed for 50mil per corp, but was met, expectedly, with a huge backlash. Apparently Squizz didn’t realise that zkill held a very neutral position within the community, a sort of a black market everyone interacts with, and legiferating how it works would decrease its appeal. Within a few hours the feature got overturned. The point still stands, if anything will be need to be done on this matter, it has to come from CCP.

New skins also launched for the Amarr ra–, just kidding, CCP finally put out some skins for ships that aren’t the Amarr and this time is the long-awaited Gallente’s turn for non-shit-brown skins. They’re unimpressive shit-black skins. Yay. Seriously, if you’re not gonna matte-black Mordu Legion ships, then it ain’t worth the black paint. Give us stripes, color, spaceship racecar decals, even some hydraulic space-suspension. Pimp our ships up! 

In ingame news quoting Salivan Harddin, ‘space was boring’. You have EN24’s video roundup of this week here, and i’ll just mention PL losing a Rorqual, Minokawa and four Phoenixes, as well as this huge clusterfuck between The Romulans and a mix of russian corps, Dream Fleet and Red Alliance, resulting in a 65b lost, even spread 50%-50% losses, from over a dozen caps and a mixed number of subcaps in Stain’s CJF-1P. Find out more about it here.

This week we had a great Fed Navy Comet pinup-style picture by ansiiis.


RixxJavix had another few cutsey 1-frame comic and has been doing a few of them on his twitter now. Fav.


And quickly closing up with more CorrinMor. He’s really just fantastic. Click through the picture for the animation.


And while not exactly player-made, we got this pretty unique and kickass theme made by CCP to go with the 14th February release.

Sometimes a rek isn’t made purely by the fit, but also the circumstance. So it’s my honor to present Ki-Adi-Mundi Cereaan‘s solo Slasher kill of a half-a-bil Loki fit. How? Gateguns and tracking-failure. GG alpha newbro.



Still, to sate your lust for ‘wtfbbq’ fits, we have Zeyra’s kill of a completely ridiculously fit Coercer that was cosplaying as an overpriced swiss-army knife.


If you ever wanted the absolute most intricate video tutorial of the ingame tutorial to explain everything you see within your first hour in Eve Online, go no further than this video made by nezroy. Fantastic to send to newbies to have side by side to make sure any questions they have are explained then and there.

In this week’s ‘why are you so poor’ video we have Scoots F showing us how easily you could make 800mil/h if only you started doing solo Naglfar C5/C6 wormhole content. It’s well explained and very informative so please start doing that, I’d love more dreadkills in WHs. Go through his channel to find more guides.

Worstplayerever, also known as Lussy Lou, also known as ‘that russian dude that does balls-deep fantastic pvp vids’ will now proceed to teach you how awesome can a Megathron be. Watch and learn.

Inner Hell’s Tori Shepard made this trailer for their corp which is max-spooky.

And if you have an alpha character and want to have a lot of fun, PaintballTwin shared a reddit thread with us, linked with the video below, that is focused on an activity that is the basic building block of Eve Online. Fucking with people. tl;dr: Juicy overtanked T1 indy ships that farm killmarks from bad highsec gankers. It’s great. 

“Eve gives as much back as you put into it”, a popular saying goes. 

Let’s be frank, Eve Online requires a certain investment of time, even if to only blow up frigates in FW randomly you still need to dedicate some time to be able to do that, to do logistics, to do fit-research and scope out fights. And Eve’s requirement of time hasn’t been more obvious to me than this week.

I main a toon in one of the larger WH corps in the game. I alt an explotoon as well as an alpha character i’ve started roaming with and started doing interesting things with. Aside from the ingame, I also am the Executive Editor of Crossing Zebras, meaning I help run the site 100% when Niden’s away, but also do any editing of articles that’s needed and keeping in touch with people about the status of their work. On a more ground level I’m also a writer and while adding bits to multiple articles I have WIP, I also run this weekly roundup. Roundup which ended up being one of the most challenging things i’ve done given it requires me to have about three to four hours each and every weekend to dedicate to even writing it, let alone the research that goes on mid-week. As a plus, because I enjoy it, I also spend a lot of time in tweetfleet slack, Crossing Zebra’s Discord as well as a fuckton of redditing on /r/eve to round up my ‘presence’ within the community, which I enjoy keeping.

Eve is a hobby and a passion for me and it usually ends up sucking up any time I’m willing to give to it. But this week and a chunk of the last, because of some severe issues with my country’s government I have had exactly zero time to give to it. Between doing research on the quickly-changing political landscape and analysing articles of law, informing myself and my compatriots via various social media, producing IRL propaganda, protesting in the streets for hours at -10 degrees Celsius and creating various photo and video media of the proceedings, my availible time has been completely engulfed. This even seeped in my work-schedule, the time when I would have had some slack to do my Eve-browsing.

So during this very late Saturday evening/Sunday morning, as I was trying to catch up myself in order to give you guys this article, I realised just how much I have missed in my short and complete leave of absence. So here I am, having come back after a complete blackout and it’s saddening to know I missed the CSM summit, the concerns, the threads asking for information and suggestions and the various memery that went around that embeds itself into the subculture.

I won’t even mention the killmails I missed on with my corp, the jokes I might have missed on Teamspeak, the ‘EVERYONE GET ON NOW’ calls to action I didn’t answer and the forsaken plans that I had made ingame for this week and missed. The PI alone will be a headache to propery get up and synched again.

Coming to the point, it’s crushing to see how easily Eve moves on without you but also how ‘dense’ and full of life this game and community can be. I guess if there is nothing you can give to Eve, time included, there is nothing Eve can give back.

She really is a demanding mistress.




Thank you for reading this edition of ‘What you missed this week’. If you think we missed something, share it in the comments section, I’m sure a lot of people still want to check out more things. Also please leave any suggestions and ideas you may have in the comments as well, and as always, if you enjoy the work we’re doing here, please toss a nickle or an iskcent into our real or virtual wallets to keep this going with the same aplomb and quality.

PS: Has anyone ever memed as far as..

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