WESPER’s Space Diplomacy – Part Three: The Imperium Strikes Back


A word from the editor: Dear readers and listeners, now and then we here at Crossing Zebras come across something out there that’s just so good that we want to bring it to you. So it was when the creators of the WESPER documentary podcast reached out to CZ editor Oh Takashawa and told us about their three part series on EVE Online, it’s history and metagame. This is the third and final part of that series: The Imperium Strikes Back (check out the first episode here, the second one here). We hope you’ll enjoy the listen, but it might be especially interesting for those of you new to EVE or that are interested in its rich history. Now sit back, get a cuppa and enjoy the show. – Niden, Editor-In-Chief

The third and final part in the Space Diplomacy series, in which the Imperium gets their revenge at a space-politics summit in Iceland.


WESPER’s Space Diplomacy – Part Three: The Imperium Strikes Back



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