Weekend Confirmed


This weekend has so far provided a roller-coaster of ups and downs both in terms of PvP and in the markets.

My dearth of KMs seemed to be continuing when I went out yesterday on a AAA PowerPack fleet consisting of Tornados and Nagas. A bomber fleet was also assembled to take on the Drake and Maelstrom Goon fleets we knew were out causing mischief. Both our fleets set out independently and for a couple of hours we chased our tails. The odd occasion where we did chance across someone going through a gate at the wrong time, the bellends in fleet who thought it prudent so fit double SeBos stopped any of us in alliance-fit ships from getting on any KMs. People that fit double SeBos make me cry fat salty tears and I want to kick them all squarely in the balls.


Anyway, we eventually find the Goon fleets at around the same time as our bombers. We know we have to try and keep away from the Maelstroms and only engage the Drakes and so some bouncing around between safes occurs while we try to get a good warp-in. This is obviously taking too long for the bomber FC who decides it is best if he FCs both the BCs and his own ships. This goes exactly as expected – we welp lots of ships, get fuck all kills and are sent packing with Goon trolls in local. Luckily, I got out with my Tornado intact but 3.5 hours for no KMs does not a good Saturday afternoon make.

I couldn’t even face going out in a fleet yesterday evening after that.

I logged in this afternoon to find Naurill taking out a nano roam out for a couple of hours. Seven or eight of us joined fleet with me in my trusty Stilleto. We didn’t see a lot of action but Naurill is a great FC – calm and confident – and we were unlucky not to see more action. Everyone got home safely with a tidy Ishtar kill and pod on the way back.


With few fleets cropping up in this afternoon, I decided to FC a nano fleet up into Dek. Twelve En Garde pilots cropped up despite being warned about my relative lack of experience as an FC with a kitchen sink of Canes, Rapiers, Ceptors and a Sabre. We had a superb scout in Flaming Fenix and we made our way up from X-7 to 85-. It was one of those great wee roams as an FC where we didn’t come across anything too taxing while picking off a few stray frigates here and there. Everyone made it back safely in just over an hour with a handful of KMs – the very definition of a confidence booster as a noob FC. ~Op success~

Oh and finally, nocxium is currently sat at 1200 a unit on EVE Markets which is, as far as I am aware, as high as it has ever been. Here’s hoping my investment will come up trumps yet…

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