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CSM wormhole representative Corbexx put up a thread and asked for a list of wormhole-related ‘little things’ players would like to see addressed. While the thread is a great step it unfortunately has the usual things like wormhole moon mining or wormhole sov. I will go through a few suggestions that have long been on my list, the top five  wormhole little things:

1) Temporary bookmarks

For a wormhole corporation that runs through these things like a salmon in a stream, the automatic removal of BMs is huge, especially as the chains get larger and larger. The ability to set these with an automatic deletion time would be great. I would love it in 4, 12, 24 and 48 hour flavors, if that isn’t asking too much. This would make clearing out corporation bookmarks much less painful.

2) Signature delay

I wrote an entire column about this so I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s critical to increasing the risk of wormholes. Removing automatic signature delay is a quick fix, but the huge forum thread it created shows it’s not without controversy. It’s clear where the professional wormhole community stands on the issue, however.

3) Downtime problems

This can be a ‘catch all’ for the sig IDs and the bookmark problems. In both cases things come up slightly changed after the server resets. Wormholes are positioned differently after downtime. They can, and often do, move far enough that your previous bookmarks are not close enough for an instant jump. That can lead to having to re-bookmark your entire chain. Also, IDs change completely, occasionally forcing the rescan of entire systems. It can end up being quite a bit of work which could be better spent elsewhere. Both of these are huge quality of life fixes that really no one will be upset about.

4) Wormhole effects

In the interest of the new player experience, one of the simplest things to make wormhole life easier  would be to display the effects in the game instead of doing things like ruining sleeper API websites. Removing the need to go and search a website for this information can only be considered a quality of life improvement, and is a good example of hypocrisy in CCP’s game design.

5) Ore sites

Strike another one for the good old days. These sites used to be probable and are extremely unlikely to get changed independent of k-space, making mining in w-space practically suicidal. An alternative would be to increase the income of the sites to a level where it would make it worthwhile. As such it would need to be a significant upgrade. Adding ice to w-space would be a worthwhile consideration, which at the least would increase activity.  
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