Video: A Day of EVE Online PvP Kills


  Combat in EVE Online holds a long and storied history. Tracking the kills across the map in a clear and precise manner has led to alliances using various tools to find new areas to deploy to. Recently, over the course of filming 24 hours of kills using the map on Zkillboard, approximately 26,000 ships and pods were destroyed across New Eden. This was in most ways a “typical day” for EVE. The overwhelming majority of these kills were located in the HERO Coalition controlled Catch region. That area has become a safari zone for some of EVE’s older alliances looking for easy kills from the fledgling nullsec alliance in BRAVE Collective. The Forge was, unsurprisingly, the most dangerous region in Highsec.

About the author

Hendrick Tallardar

Hendrick has been a New Eden resident since 2009. After a short career as a space trucker and stint in GoonWaffe, he later joined SniggWaffe before becoming enchanted with the powers of Taylor Swift and ascending to HABIT. A video wizard, he runs his own YouTube channel ( while overseeing CZ's video needs.