Two HUGE Interviews Incoming!


As we may have mentioned before, here at Crossing Zebras, we are very excited about the latest addition to New Eden, Eve Valkyrie. As in very excited. I was immediately on the batphone to CCP Manifest (CCP PR and Social Media dude) to see if I could interview someone here on CZ to ask some of the many unanswered questions the community has about the evolution of EVR.

It turns out that Eve Valkyrie doesn’t have an Executive Producer at the moment but someone has been put in charge of the project temporarily. The person currently heading the project is none other than former EP of Eve Online itself, CCP Unifex! I will be sitting down with Unifex tomorrow (2nd September) at 1700 Eve to ask him many of my questions.

But I want your help too! If you have anything you want to ask Unifex about Valkyrie, please leave a comment in the blog comments below and I will get around to as many as possible.

Second up, we have both Ali Aras and Chitsa Jason tomorrow at 2100 Eve. Ali is fresh back from the CSM Summer Summit in Iceland while Chitsa attended almost all of the sessions remotely by video link. If you have anything you want to ask these guys about what was discussed, what went well and what went not so well, again, post in the comments below.

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