Tools of the Enemy – Olmeca Gold’s Black Ops


It’s time for another Tools of the Enemy interview, where I interview an FC on what they do, how they do it, and more importantly, the tools they use. This helps give a key insight on just how various fleets work, and the life of being an FC and what it entails in EVE.

This time, I take a look at a smaller entity than my previous two interviews, talking to Olmeca Gold, ex-Bombers Bar FC who pioneered the use of wormholes in conjunction with an NPSI fleet in order to create a finely tuned doctrine capable of killing capitals all over the map. If you’ve ever wanted to know just how to be the Risk to someone else’s Reward, this will tell you nearly everything you need to know.



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Tags: Bomber's Bar, fc, Jin'taan

About the author


Jin'taan has had a long and somewhat varied career in EvE, starting just after the release of Tyrannis and pretty much never stopping. Currently he resides within CVA and the Providence region, having considerable experience with both FCing and (poorly) solo PvPing under their banner.