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A new addition to the Crossing Zebras team, Timoxa started playing EVE in February 2012 with a few real life friends and became instantly hooked. He has tackled just about every challenge this game has to offer, including wormholes, faction warfare, high, low AND nullsec PvP. ┬áLearning that he was just bad at everything he has ever tried, he has settled into nullsec sov warfare for the foreseeable future. He is currently in Alcoholocaust in the TEST Alliance, where every op is a slosh op. Timoxa prefers to fly in small-gang nano environments, but he will do anything that is required to help his alliance. Despite Xander’s gentle hazing about the fact that he is in TEST, he remains loyal to the home front of memers they have to offer. While he’s not playing The Division or doing small gang roams he enjoys photography of various EVE scenes.

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Timoxa Zero

Timoxa started EVE in early 2012 with a few real life friends, and became instantly hooked. He has taken part in just about every possible aspect of the game, from the asteroid belts of highsec to the deep reaches of the Drone regions. He currently runs his own corp, Full Broadside and resides in a C2/C6-Nullsec wormhole and frequently participates in small-gang combat. He enjoys studying wormhole history and those that have shaped it.