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Phoebe and Rhea improvements

Apocrypha saw the birth of wormholes, and with each subsequent update from Hyperion on, this relatively unknown space has been shifting more and more into the spotlight of CCP’s latest story arc. With Phoebe and Rhea, these improvements continue, bringing better living in Class 1 through Class 3 wormholes, more diversity in data and relic sites, and even bringing the Sleeper story to k-space dwellers. With Interstellar out in theaters, this fall/winter is shaping up to be the best time to explore a wormhole.

Combat Sites

When wormholes were first colonized by intrepid capsuleers, it was quite apparent that the larger the class, the better the space. Class 4 through Class 6 were quickly snatched up as pilots realized that was where the real money was made. Class 1 and 2, however, were left in the dirt, hardly worth venturing into. This is because, except for the occasional melted nanoribbon, there is a set amount of isk that can be made from a combat site. Unlike in k-space where NPC pirates drop loot, salvage and a modest bounty of isk, w-space Sleepers only drop salvage, and what is colloquial known as “blue loot.” The wage gap between C1 and C2 sites, compared to C3 through C6 sites was, until Phoebe, astronomical. While a typical C4 could net about 250 million an hour, a C1 would get a measly 12 million an hour. These low payouts made C1 and C2 less isk-efficient than, say, mining veldspar. That all changed with Phoebe when the loot tables were readjusted and NPC purchase prices of blue loot were increased. In some instances there is a 221% bonus to the value of sleeper sites in C1s and C2s, making them much more worthwhile. The complete list of changes, as worked out by Hatshepsut_IV, can be found here. The upside to these changes is that it is now possible to sustainably live in lower-end systems without needing to venture into other parts of space to make ends meet.


Data/Relic Sites

Another marked improvement for the C1/C2/C3 resident are the new Data and Relic sites that can be found in wormholes. Enjoying the same stats, structures, and complexity of their null-sec counter-parts, the new data and relic sites in wormhole space only help to boost isk per hour potential. This is CCP RedDawn’s baby and while initially off to a good start, in practice the data sites still seem to be lacking any real value. While there is occasionally something to cheer about, the majority of items found are high-tech manufacturing tools and high-tech data chips that net about 100 isk each, making the whole venture not worth the time. While most of the mini-games now take significantly longer to solve, the rewards from data cans just aren’t up to par with the much better relic ones. CCP has said they will continue to monitor the disparity and hopefully with Rhea, the data sites can get adjusted slightly more to bring Data and Relic sites closer together.

Cache Sites

CCP has taken a new focus towards developing good storyline content to go along with the changes that are starting to affect EVE. From the reported harvest of Neural Networks and Sleeper Data Libraries that saw the birth of T3 Destroyers, to the ongoing story arc that hints at future events. One such event occurred on November 4th, and went mostly unnoticed by the majority of the EVE community. However, trapped in the hexidecimal code, Hilen Tukoss had some very insightful words to share. For those not in the know, the story is centered around Hilen Tukoss, a former Caldari scientist who defected to work for the Minmatar corporation Eifyr & Co. He is also the one who launched the Arek’Jaalan Project, an intergalactic summit focused around Sleepers and wormhole space. His cryptic message hints at seven new wormhole systems, and needing a new set of body parts, which can be left in Eram. While the Arek’Jaalan members have been fighting over whether or not to help fulfill his request, the Sleepers have been doing their own bit of collecting… In his latest dev blog, CCP Soniclover further explained the new and mysterious sleeper sites which had, until recently, been undetectable. Utilizing a fairly new mechanic, data and relic analyzers will be needed to unlock containers through the typical mini-game, as well as trigger events in the site. These events can lead to sleepers being spawned, which add an additional challenge to the site, as well as enviromental elements that are capable of destroying a pod as well as the ship. There is also the addition of puzzle-like elements that have been long lacking from exploration sites. Now there will be benefits to the proper order in which the cans are unlocked as well as timed elements. While only the smallest of the sites are being introduced now, Rhea will bring with it larger sites that will have multiple routes for larger and small ships. While the larger sites are making their way to SiSi, it won’t be until December that they make their way to Tranquility.  
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