Things you can do with an Alpha Clone


So there’s still a lot of people going ‘What the hell good is an Alpha clone? I can’t fly my Tengu on it! What fun is that?!’, so let me tell you how wrong you are! There’s still so much fun you can have and just stuff that you can do with an Alpha clone that’s not tied to T2 skills and a /max-optimal/ playstyle. Read onward and never again think of Alpha restrictions!

1) Join Spectre Fleet and go on T1 Alpha Clone roams.

2) Do 1-5/10 DED sites for dank drops

3) Chat with your corp mates and shit-talk in BringingSoloBack.

4) Join a nullsec entity and go see Titans and Supercarries (getting dropped on you).

5) Go try hacking undefended POS passwords (1234/p@ssword/cykablyat/420).

6) Scan down Geckos and T2 drones left behind in Incursion systems.

7) Mine that glorious Gleaming Spodumain.

8) Shit up Jita local.

9) Explore Get rich doing Sansha Relic sites.

10) Rat in a 0.0 pocket.


11) Find offline POSes with SMA/CHAs and loot entire ships.

12) Fly around to become a combat-reporter and write articles on (heard they pay 250m per article, just saying)

13) Get rich station trading in Amarr with 17 order slots per character.

14) Duel people at the sun in Amamake.

15) Take nifty screenshots and post on Instagram/FB/Twitter/ /r/eveporn.

16) Shit up Jita some more.

17) Scam people in Jita.

18) Write meat-based erotic fanfiction in Jita.

19) Catch industrials dropping below-price ores and BPs in Jita.

20) Create fantastic propaganda and post it on Reddit.


21) Go join Faction Warfare and claim systems for the righteous Amarr empire farm small plexes for dank LP.

22) Fly logistics and be a hero, saving your dude’s much more expensive ships.

23) Ninja salvage L4 mission runner’s shit.

24) Enter wormholes and huff C320/C540 gas. Or just huff static gas.

25) Do scout incursions and push back the Sansha menace, slightly. 

26) Make Optimal Range scripts and sell them in backwater Lowsec stations for 1 5 10 mil a pop.

27) Hunt suspect people in highsec because they’ve been foolish.

28) Be the foolish one and loot freshly-ganked freighters/transports in highsec for dank isotopes, blueprints and skill extractors (???).

29) Did i mention to shit up Jita?

30) Gatecamp in instalocking arty Thrashers.


31) Scout out chains for your WH corp.

32) Scout and report intel to intel channels.

33) Find content and tackle it, then call your dudes in to kill it.

34) Visit the Titanomachy monument, Steve’s wreck and various player and lore-based landmarks around New Eden

35) FC fleets to glorious victory.

36) Set up low-ball buy orders in regions for blue sleeper loot, armor plates and overseer’s personal effects.

37) Use the new Defender missiles and screen bombs for your dudes.

38) Become infamous and fly a jamming Griffin, ECM’ing that 2b Bhaalgorn and saving your fleet

39) Solo PvP in a Thorax for ISK efficiency ((elite)), or just be a space-ass

40) Steal from ESS’s and make mad dosh.

41) Don’t forget to shit up Jita.


This is not a comprehensive list, by far, but I wanted to show you there are more ways than you can shake a Drifter DD at with which you can have fun by flying Alpha. Just think outside the defined bucket of sand that sits within the sandbox. 

Engage with EVE and EVE will redbox you right back.


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