The Zkill Guide to Declarations of War


“Have you done the Talos yet?”

Feat. special guest Rhiload, creator of the Zkill Ship Guides and purveyor of dank memes

DoW 119

-Link changes incoming! The day before the dev blog we go over the changes to leadership boosts discussed on the o7 show

-Command ships on field, what to expect!

-SH1-6P becomes a titan graveyard

-Clash of the Cohosts: Alek and Jin square off over the “Open Letter to CCP”

-Rhiload muses about putting out two guides in a week and what ship to do next

-Alek give a play by play of Theomachy, the best EVE Online live event ever

Ending:  Ren’ai Circulation (NOSLO Remix)

Tags: Command Boosts, csm, live events, nullsec, pvp, Rhiload, SH1-6P, sov, Theomachy

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Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.


    Your argument on “the open letter” comes down to. I fought an enemy who valued what I was attacking. v. I fought an enemy who did not value the thing I was attacking. So, again, making Sov something worth defending. Worth wanting to fight over and/or defend.