The Wormhole Divide


In the wake of CSM9 candidate Proculus Diadochu’s C4 superhighway thread, seen here on reddit, there has been recent discussion on the participation of the happy few in our CSM process. I speak of the low class wormhole dwellers. Their voice was read loud and clear by Proc, who has modified his position. The wrong conclusion was drawn from the reaction, that is, that low class wormholers have opinions fundamentally different from high class wormholers. I hope to illustrate the wormhole divide, or the separation from every wormholer you have heard of, from the ones you have not.

The basics of the divide are this: the capital wormholers are different from the subcapital wormholers, and us capital wormholers don’t sufficiently cater to their specific style enough with our CSM representation and general suggestions on improving w-space. Very recently, a thread by CCP Fozzie posted on the Eve Online official forums brings this divide to the forefront once again. The problem is that the class of wormhole doesn’t matter, and people cling to that fact in order keep their argument from being dismissed by the vocal majority of the wormhole population. You will either find representation in Proc or you will not, and you will like the overlay change or you will not – the class of your wormhole has nothing to do with it.

The core difference is a PvP mindset or a PvE mindset. And, before you rage and close the window at that sentence my dear C2 dweller, let me explain. Wormholes in Eve have a very peculiar dynamic. Due to the lack of readily available intel, you are either the hunter or the prey in every fight you are ever a part of in w-space. One side will have the bigger surprise. Let me explain using a somewhat entertaining engagement my corporation had. While scouting, I jump into nullsec and find Aztech Sabre. Aztech is notable wormhole corporation, and immediately recognizing the Sabre I let my corporation know over comms. He is unable to catch my cov ops, and after a couple words in local, convos me and asks to fight. My corporation is somewhat small compared to many of the other corporations that live in the same space. I feel this is a large factor in the fact he rather quickly promises to not bring capitals to the fight. What Aztech doesn’t know is we have another friendly wormhole corporation right next to us, so while I stall, a joint fleet is formed. We eventually agree to no capitals for either side, and the fight starts by them jumping in twelve or so people through the nullsec that I am sitting on. Our joint fleet warps in, outnumbering them heavily, only to see the nullsec local spike, almost doubling their numbers.


This mentality is everywhere in Eve, from lowsec baits to huge fleets. You can go in with the mentality to lose or the mentality to win. Both sides in that fight had a surprise to spring on the other. You can call it a plan, you can call it belief, but either way it needs to be a part of your calculus. The reality is that everyone gets stomped, occasionally. I can link BR losses from every group out there. What it comes down to is do you want more fights, or less; more activity in w-space, or less; more chances to win, or less? This is not a wormhole class division, it is a PvP division, and should be labeled as such. The most notable low class corporation I can think of is the former Semper Ubi Sub Ubi, which while living in a C2, would undoubtedly fall out of line with the general opinion of other C2 dwellers. Even though their size was comparatively minute, they without a doubt had a hunter mentality.

That is central to why, while Proc’s idea may have been flawed, it certainly isn’t because lower class wormholes “should be left alone.” If it is flawed, it’s because it kills the current function of C4 wormholes for their residents. The sensor overlay change is a poor one. Not because it scares new players away from w-space, or because lower class residents deserve the free intel, but because it completely removes any chance for counterplay on the part of the defender. Everyone will lose eventually. If you’re a hunter, though, you and everyone else knows you will win far more than you will lose, no matter what class of wormhole you live in.

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