The War Room – Episode 3


War has been one of the main draws of EVE ever since the early days. The wars of EVE serve as milestones by which the structure and time of EVE is defined, entire books are written about the greatest ones. While the Winter War is starting to get written in the history books, there are plenty of conflicts still raging across the cluster and others just over the horizon.

With that in mind, we have two of the greatest analytical minds on wars sitting down and going the general’s point of view of things as they currently stand: CVA FC and almost-former-CSM-member-but-not-yet, Jin’taan, and the critically acclaimed war correspondent for Eve News 24, Salivan Harddin, give you The War Room.


The War Room – Episode 3


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Jin'taan is the wearer of a great many hats, being an FC, solo PvPer, dumb suit connoisseur, member of the CSM, political commentator and prolific producer of interviews. Currently, he resides within Test Alliance Please Ignore.

  • Vertigoe

    I am in GSF and I was never aware of any push by GSF into fountain. We have had some fights there but in no way was there an attempt by GSF to hold any Fountain space. This idea that everytime GSF is in a fight or war it is GSF +allies against whoever is really old. If LSH is trying to take space in Fountain and we assist it is LSH +allies , get it straight.

    • Dongo

      He catually called the push LSH+ Allies multiple times. Stop being so burt hurt all the time.

  • DustVet

    Great discussion and updates

  • Asher Dunr

    Gosh, Salivan really knows his shit.