The Spring Fling: Fittings


With 17 days until Hysera turns into a huge red dot on the EVE map and many community luminaries get shot down in flames by one another, this week’s column will cover the ships and fittings we at Crossing Zebras will be providing on the night of our Spring Fling.

Like other community FFAs in the past that provided pre-fit ships, we at Crossing Zebras will be handing out small quantities of T1 meta fit frigates and destroyers. In some cases the ships may well have one or two T2 modules fitted, as well as rigs and faction ammo provided – I have a lot of LP to burn for ammo!

Ideally all ships handed out should be usable by all players regardless of SP, just as long as you have trained a level or two of the following skill types:

  • Racial Frigate – Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar;

  • Racial Destroyer – Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar;

  • Small Hybrids, Lasers, Missiles and Projectiles;

  • Fitting skills such as Capacitor Management, CPU Management, Power Grid Management and Weapons Upgrades;

  • Propulsion Jamming;

  • Afterburner and Navigation.

Keeping the fits both cheap and usable by the majority is better for an event like this than handing out a smaller number of ships with more expensive fittings. It is still very much advised for you all to bring your own ships for the night, especially any Cruisers you wish to fly.

That new car smell

EVE has many, many frigates, all of which are fun to fly, however none are more iconic than the Atron, Merlin, Punisher and Rifter. These are the frigates we will have on hand during the Spring Fling. The astute amongst you will notice that the following fits are very much close range, designed for pilots to get into the mix and really push their piloting skills to survive the ensuing furball. It will be up to you to use these builds the best way you see fit.



This fit is designed to get into a brawl, drag off some light tackle and give them a serious kicking. The SAAR is simply to top yourself off while taking out any drones that may be on you.



Another close in fit. Get into the mix, focus on a target and take it down.  Tanky enough to survive the target trying to fight back. Rinse and repeat until you go down, or can flee.



Still a solid brawler, this fit will be interchanged with a few that fit a scram instead. These should be good for those wanting to be ignored while in the mix – fantastic HP for a frigate.



It was painfully hard to see the Rifter lose its crown a year or two back, however it has recently been buffed a little and is well on its way to glory again. I settled on an armour fit that, as with the Atron, includes an SAAR to give you some opportunity to rep up before barreling right back into the mix.

A little more umph!

For the destroyers we will be handing out, I mixed it up a little and went with the Algos, Coercer, Corax and Thrasher. Something old, and something new. We will not have too many destroyers to hand out on the day, but as with the frigates what we will have are very much designed to get you all into the thick of it.



Brawl fit, designed for getting up close and doing as much damage to the target as your drone swarm will do.  This fit is pretty tight even with some Meta modules, so be warned.



Continuing my theme of wanting people to brawl during this event, I took something that usualyl kites securely and quickly from range and did nasty things to it. Try it – you might like it.



What can I say? Dual web rocket Corax. Rockets on beast mode. Will spice things up in the centre of any brawl it gets itself into. I was undecided between armour or shield, however I want this ship to be able to shut down the MWD of anything it gets those dual webs onto, so armour tank it was.



This old workhorse is often seen toting artillery and whoring on pods. Not while I am around. Again, designed to get into the mix a little and put out a ton of hurt on already occupied targets.

Now, while I do favour the brawl I know many do not, and so to share the love with those pilots, a random selection of the above have different mids to those listed. There will a varying selection of tracking disruptors, damps and even ECM for people to try out when flying these ships at the Spring Fling.

Charity starts in Hysera

As with other other FFAs, we will be allowing frigate hulls for the first couple of hours, then mixing it up with destroyer hulls before letting folks break out the cruisers in the final few hours. We will not be providing cruisers for this, so bring your own.  Hysera is only a single cyno from Jita after all. All handouts will be made by a pilot docking in a station (TBA) and opening a trade window, in return you will have a selection of frigates handed over unless you request a specific race. The same goes for when we let destroyers enter the fray.

In next week’s column I shall cover the prizes we will have to award people showing up and getting kills/being killed/podding Xander (over and over and over).

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