The Spring Fling Diaries: Preparation


In a tad over 3 weeks the CZ Spring Fling takes place.

While that sentence was pretty easy to type, the actual logistics of an event like this are substantial from planning the location, ensuring that the (limited number of) provided ships can be flown by players of any skill level, moving the ships and fittings to the location, getting the word out so people will show up, and of course making sure that Xander can actually attend.

Location, Location, Location

The first FFA hosted by the guys here at Crossing Zebras was held in Asakai, a system rather infamous in EVE’s history. However, while this was still an attractive location during the first FFA, we had to do a lot of handholding to get people into Asakai before the event and during it for those reshipping from high sec.

For the Spring Fling I decided to look around at other locations specifically those meeting the following criteria:

  • Low sec

  • Multiple stations

  • Direct high sec access

  • Multiple entry gates from high sec

  • A faction war system

  • Close to populated lowsec

  • Close to a market hub

I found few systems that met all of the above, but while looking them over, I remembered that Hysera, the location of RvB Ganked 100, pretty much met them all. And so Hysera was chosen for the Spring Fling given its proximity to Jita, two well spaced high sec entry gates, plenty of stations, and as a faction warfare system may well have a limited size plex available to allow for more interesting combat between ships of the same size or lower.


Material Acquisition

Like other community FFAs hosted in the past, such as Stay Frosty’s excellent example, we here at CZ shall be providing a limited number of reships for Spring Fling attendee’s. Right now this will be between 1000 – 2000 fitted frigates and destroyers. I shall cover the hulls and fits next week.

I am limiting this to 2000 at most as its a manageable figure for the logistics chain I have to use to source and transport them all. And let me tell you, as someone unaccustomed to doing the legwork on events like this, it is considerably more effort than it sounds.

I have had to ensure that all meta modules I wish to use on the fits can be sourced in sufficient quantities, especially hard considering I share a market hub with RvB and their meta-loving market locusts. Obviously getting all the hulls together and in the correct quantities was another roadblock, as often I could not buy enough at a reasonable price before the local traders noticed and upped the prices on their own stocks. Additionally I made a conscious decision to include a small number of the skinned frigates, luckily I had the Aurum to match this need and so shall be providing:

  • Rifter Krusal Edition

  • Incursus Aliastra Edition

  • Punisher Kador Edition

  • Merlin Nugoeihuvi Edition

…some of which may well have faction modules fitted as an incentive for people to explode them.

However, by far the hardest thing has been moving all the hulls and fits to the high sec systems next to Hysera, ready to have them jumped in to system by the wonderful guys at Black Frog. Making sure I moved everything (I would hate to fit a lot of ships and suddenly find that I have one ship with a single module missing, or that I have a module or two left over) without giving gankers a golden opportunity was a fun exercise.

As well as the resupply ships, I have also begun to move small amounts of ammunition and module replacements into the area ready to market on the day. If anyone wants to properly supply the market for the day, then faction ammunition, frigate and cruiser sized meta modules, cruiser hulls, T2 modules and so on will be the order of the day. Let’s not make our fellow pilots run the 12 jumps to Jita and back just to keep themselves going once the handouts run dry.

Spreading the word

We here at CZ want this FFA to be bigger than the first, and YOU can all help by spreading the word to your friends and corp mates, by talking about this at every opportunity on your podcasts and streams and on the 17th May, by simply showing up and taking part in causing a large red dot to appear on the map.

In next week’s column I shall go over the fits I am providing as well as the donations and prizes we have received.

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