The Second Great EVE War: BOB Enters The Fray (Part 2)


Last week, HVAC Repairman began his magnum opus on the Second Great EVE War and the fall of BOB. You probably want to read that before you start this week’s column. Go on. You know you want to.

(Disclaimer: These articles are being written from memory, so while the events themselves as detailed are largely accurate, single events may have been skipped or remembered incorrectly. This is also written from the perspective of a single Goonswarm pilot, so keep that in mind.)

With the announcement that Band of Brothers was coming down south to open a new front, the -A- bloc decided to change strategies. Instead of a full frontal assault on Goonswarm, Red.OverLord and -A- would now try a divide and conquer tactic. Red.OverLord would continue to assault Feythabolis, while -A- would now concentrate on Esoteria. Band of Brothers and Executive Outcomes would eventually assault Wicked Creek, and various smaller entities would attack the western half of Esoteria from Stain.

In addition to the multiple front strategy, Goonswarm also had to deal with undefended TCF space. TCF had been in the process of moving north to Deklein, and still had pockets of space in the south that had yet to be transferred over. Using this to their advantage, BOB and EXE began assaulting TCF holdings in Wicked Creek. While Goonswarm and its allies were winning the majority of the battles, the constant jumping between fronts had been problematic for alliance logistics. The key system C9N-CC in Esoteria was now under assault, with its strategic importance used as a rallying cry to reinvigorate the defending forces. Despite a good turnout and most of the ensuing battles going in Goonswarm’s favor, a combination of bad stront timers and dead hostile towers mysteriously claiming sov, the system fell and Stain Empire were now free to hit western Esoteria with impunity.

BOB and Executive Outcomes officially began their deployment into Wicked Creek. Large amounts of control tower spam during the Christmas holiday in the undefended TCF space allowed them to rapidly conquer space. However, an excursion into Detorid proved disastrous when 50 BOB capitals were hotdropped by a Goon capital fleet. Despite the loss, BOB continued their assault on Wicked Creek and northern Detorid.


Red.OverLord and Against ALL Authorities began working together again by targeting Goon logistic systems. They began an assault on R2TJ-1 in Omist, with the intention of disabling the jump bridge. R2TJ was a key logistical bridge that connected Feyth, Tenerifis, and Omist. After several days of intense fighting, Goons were able to save the system by purging all ROL/-A- towers. However, the following day they woke up to find sovereignty reset. A spy with the starbase config role had unchecked the sov claiming field in every Goon tower which had caused the sov to drop at downtime . While Goons did not lose the system, the loss of sovereignty meant that the jumpbridge was snapped. The damage had been done and Goon logistics had been crippled in the area.

While Razor, Morsus Mihi, and TCF were still up north cleaning up the remnants of the failed BOB invasion, one entity had already moved down south and began making their presence felt. Pandemic Legion, who at the time were a smaller entity more known for their nano fleets, had been a pain in BOB’s ass for some time. During Max Damage, several PL pilots managed to bump a BOB titan out of a POS, allowing the Northern Coalition to destroy it. Two months later, they baited another into using his AOE doomsday with almost zero backup available, allowing a Goonswarm battleship fleet to warp in and destroy it several minutes later.

Despite the Titan kill, Goon morale was on the decline. Two months of defensive fights had begun to take their toll. With the news that TCF, Razor and Morsus Mihi were deploying south, it was announced that Goonswarm and allies would finally be going on the offensive. The war was now in full swing, with no end in sight.

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