The Second Great EVE War: All or Nothing (Part 6)


(Disclaimer: These articles are being written from memory, so while the events themselves as detailed are largely accurate, single events may have been skipped or remembered incorrectly. This is also written from the perspective of a single Goonswarm pilot, so keep that in mind.)

When you’ve spent several years building an organization, alliance leaders will often become averse to risking the space and assets they’ve spent time accumulating. Large organizations will only commit to a major operation when they know that victory is all but ensured. Witnessing groups risking everything they own for the chance of taking something away from somebody else in EVE is truly a rare occurrence. Showing weakness is like blood in the water; the minute you appear weak the sharks will start circling. The ability to recover from losing everything is such a difficult task, that only a handful of organizations of successfully recovered from losing everything they owned. With the disbanding of Band of Brothers, Goonswarm was faced with the difficult decision of abandoning the Southern defense to invade Delve.

Immediately following closure of the Band of Brothers alliance, the former member corporations joined a holding alliance named KenZoku. Various pokings into their exposed space cost them a couple Capital Ship Assembly Arrays. The previous level four sovereignty made the towers invulnerable, so KenZoku left the towers unstronted as a result. Without the level four sov protecting them, the towers melted and two baby supercapitals were aborted instantly. The vulnerability of Delve forced KenZoku and its various allies to withdraw from the Southern theater, leaving Against ALL Authorities, Red.Overlord, and Stainwagon on their own to continue their push.


Following the departure of KenZoku from the frontlines, Goonswarm and its allies had a few options on the table. They could stick around and defend their space like they’d been doing for the last three months, or they could abandon their southern holdings and siege Delve. The idea of abandoning everything and assaulting Delve was a popular idea; though it didn’t come without its own drawbacks. KenZoku would only need to hold out for thirty days for level three sov to return. Level three sov would allow KenZoku to put up cynojammers in system again. During the first Delve war a year prior, they successfully repelled the Goon invaders by having Titans sitting on cynojammers, instantly using their Doomsday AOE attack to wipe out any subcapital fleets that would attempt to offline it. An invading force would need to capture the majority holdings of Delve, Period Basis, and Querious in a month to avoid the same failures as the first Delve campaign.

Another problem was that Goonswarm still had allies who would be put in a bad position if the Southern war was abandoned. Particularly United Legion, who owned significant amounts of space in Immensea and Omist. Leaving the theater would almost certainly see their space overrun.

Still, having the opportunity to take the most valuable and defensible region away from Goonswarm’s hated rival was too much to pass up. Nearly two days after the disband, Goonswarm CEO Darius JOHNSON announced that Goonswarm would forsake every system they’d spent the last year and a half fighting for and go all in for Delve. Delve was either going to be the new Goon home or they’d be homeless.


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