The Providence Hubris

Providence is one of the most friendly newbie regions in EVE online. Known for its long tradition of NRDS rules of engagement and its free station access it has been used by many nullsec rookies as an entry point to the cruel 0.0 lifestyle. CVA and the other Providence holders offer bloc-wide defensive fleets and doctrines, access to ratting and mining as well as easy logistics. 72 of 84 systems in Providence have a station, offering a safe place to store ships and assets. Many strategic systems are also cynojammed, allowing some protection from notorious hotdrops. The region has no valuable moon resources and as such is unattractive for a sov attack. Alliances in Provi are generally unable to help their pilots with a decent SRP.

These are the common tales told about Providence. There is one blemish however: it is all a lie. f2N3ekv Pandemic Legion is currently on a Rapid Deployment staging from Assah. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, each pilot takes one carrier loaded with ships of the currently used doctrines while leaving the vast majority of supercapitals at home. We use roaming doctrines and shy away from using capitals. We use SBU and sov timers to generate fights when the local residents avoid fighting against us. Rapid Deployments are not mandatory in any way as well so you can find a good number of PL pilots remaining around in Fortress Amamake.

Providence is as rich as any other region as far as moon goo is concerned, although not all moons are listed on DOTLAN. There are at least three R64’s in Providence that mystically do not appear on any official list – I know this because I fueled those POSes for some time in 2010. Additionally there is a good chance that the Rubicon patch added more R64s to Providence as 227 new moons were seeded in New Eden. There are enough R16s and R32s to maintain a healthy network of reaction chains as well. As there is no real manager of such income, many corps and alliances inflate their own wallets while any chance of proper region-wide SRP is lost. Some corps and alliances offer an internal SRP but with no checks and balances a lot of ISK is landing in personal wallets. For example, CVA has a tiny SRP wallet that covers doctor losses only. nzymWFc

When you look at EVE 3rd party forums or reddit, you will read that Pandemic Legion is fully deployed and plans to destroy Providence. Also we are dropping supercapitals everywhere and harassing the poor residents. There is a lot of internal drama leaking to those forums which indicates a divided Providence overall. Unlike CFC or N3, the Provi bloc lacks a cohesive narrative – alliances are looking down at each other and always point out what others are doing wrong. Alliances are losing assets, but at the same time shy away from fighting, mining and building Ruptures and Caracals they sell overpriced to the PvPers which eventually get wiped out by Pandemic Legion. While everyone screams how they live, breath and die for Providence, it is mostly for show. Many secretly backstab, steal and take advantage of one other as long as it’s not too obvious. There are a few honest idealists among them though.

The reason why Providence still exists is that almost every entity uses this region to entertain their pilots since alliances there will often only field cheap T1 fleet doctrines but you can catch the 2b ISK Marauder or the unscouted Freighter. Until you get trapped and camped you will have a good roaming experience. The day that CCP allows destruction of player outposts will be the day many decent players that started in Providence but over time moved on to other alliances will bond again to put an end to the endless station spam still going on there. Hopefully decent newbie friendly alliances will find a place there. It will be a good day.
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About the author

Forlorn Wongraven

PL pilot, 2013 alliance tournament winner and Eve financier extraordinaire, what Forlorn doesn't know about Eve probably isn't worth knowing

  • Phil

    Providence is the ONLY fun region of Sov null. It’s the only place you can take a roam and be likely to have a fun fight. Provi residents never tell me “well we left *most* of our supercaps at home”, indeed I can’t remember the last time I got hotdropped by a Provi fleet.

    Why would you want to make it more like the space where you live in? Why would you think that would be a good thing?

    Listen, obviously you’re not required to provide good fights to people who roam your territory – the entertainment of people who roam your space is their responsibility and not yours. You’re not required to be fun, like Provi is.

    But why would you rub your hands in glee imagining the ruin that destructible outposts will bring to provi? Why would that be good? There are 35 sov null regions in EVE, the dream should be to make the other 34 as much fun as provi, not to drag provi down to their level.

    • Forlorn Wongraven

      The image that Provi created for itself has nothing to do with reality though, while most of the other 34 null regions actually do and say what they are in the first place. Not a glorious image that once was true a decade ago.

      • Phil

        Provi IS glorious.

        Of all the Sov null regions, Provi is the one where people actually live in the space, Provi is the one where roamers can find a decent fight without being hot-dropped, Provi is the one which is fun.

        Your entire criticism seems to be based on comparing Provi to what it was seven or eight years ago, but that’s silly – the space you live in was fun seven or eight years ago, as was most of 0.0 – the difference is that everywhere else is now complete shit for roaming and Provi’s still quite fun.

        I honestly don’t understand why you’re trying to do anti-Provi propaganda, I don’t understand why you’d look at all the other regions in the game and decide that Providence is the one you’d like to see torn down – I can only assume that it’s so long since you had a good fight that you’ve forgotten how enjoyable they can be.

        • Forlorn Wongraven

          Let’s see it this way. During heavy fighting people find the ISK to drop another station egg but not SRP.

          • Phil

            It may the most fun region in the game, but their SRP isn’t very good, so fuck ’em?

            That’s your argument, right? You’re not disputing the fact that providence is massively more entertaining than any region in your entire coalition. But their SRP isn’t very good, so you hope they burn.

      • pendraco

        as a former ProviBloc pilot, to be blunt, you’re full of shit, Forlorn. if anything, ProviBloc’s actually gotten better in the last few years. yes, there’s been infighting occasionally, but that happens with every coalition.

        PL invaded Provi for one reason, to claim the Outposts in order to corner the market on faction citadels. and they were incredibly stupid in doing so because they did it long before they actually have a set timeframe for when that actually happens, which is going to cost them in quite a few ways, especially in public relations.

  • Rucknar

    I recently moved to Provi (I’ve been here a few months now) and in that time I haven’t encountered anything like what the vast majority of Forlorn’s article about backstabbing/ dickishness describes. What I can comment on is your first paragraph which as I was reading seemed to match perfectly to my experience of the region.

    That being said I’m just some random High sec care bear who has taken advantage of the free and open-ness of Provi, and not a member of a Holder alliance so maybe I’m only getting half the picture, but still; I can rat, mine, fleet up with the Holders for a bit of pew pew and all the while have friendly chats in local with the other residents (because there are other people in Local, something I’m led to believe doesn’t really happen elsewhere in Null). Then when I’m bored of that I can go off and do other things without having to worry about CTA’s, killboard stats or the politics.

    It’s not everyone cup of tea, but it is mine. This is just my experience, clearly yours was/is different… surly that’s a good thing though?

    • hurr durr

      The backstabbing and embezzling is never obvious, because if it is obvious it gets rooted out.

      Many alliances have this problem, leadership is a good ol’ boys club of people enriching each other while fucking over everyone else, all the while acting as if you have everyone’s best interest in mind.

      • Forlorn Wongraven

        Proper audits and checks and balances are missing in most alliances as well.

        • pendraco

          meanwhile, PL never bothers to in the first place. honestly, invading Provi this early was incredibly stupid on PL’s part. mean, sure, you want the Faction forts, and a lucrative prize they are, but you jumped the gun 6-8 months before they actually show up. your average PL grunt nowadays has the attention span of a kitten. add to that Provi’s one of the major manufacturers of T2 stuff in the entire game, which is causing the market to go nuts (the hits on Goon Rorquals aren’t helping either) and that it’s one of the best training and recruitment grounds for null corps and alliances.

          PL occupying Provi is only going to hurt the game, not to mention cement them in as the most disliked alliance in the game (they’re currently tied with goons for that). now, don’t get me wrong, i respect the amount of power they can put on the field, but taking over Provi for as long as PL plans to is incredibly stupid, as it’s going to cost them allies, recruits and likely is going to get them ganged up on. granted, this’ll lead to some good fights, but it’s gonna do a hell of a number on PL’s public relations.

  • Senex Legio 1

    “We use roaming doctrines and shy away from using capitals.”

    Total and complete bullshit. PL uses caps every single time they think they might have a 1% chance of losing a subcapital battle. This is a reputation well earned. It has gotten to a point where most people will not engage you as there is simply no point. This is the consequence of your actions. Don’t be blaming the other guy.

    • Forlorn Wongraven

      We fight outnumbered usually, with T2 ships and triage as our logi simply gets melted away. So yes, you will see Triage every time. We don’t complain about those 80 Scythes either. And the handful supercarriers are nothing compared to what PL could actually field if this was serious business.

      • Laster

        What is the reason for selecting Triage over logi blobs? Is it because the carrier reps are less likely to get knocked off the field, or is it so a lower number of pilots are needed for reps for the full fleet?

        • Forlorn Wongraven

          Provi can field like a wing of bombers and T2 logis can’t survive that over a longer period of time. As PL is a rather small alliance if you look on individual pilots we rather field Triage than put another 20 guys in Logis that get volleyed off too soon.

  • Santor Palpatine

    Nice try Forlorn, but your article is full of misinformation. For example, show me the place where alliances dot point at each other. CF ceo actually thanked to the rest of the ProviBlock trying to help them, despite losing the system.

    Make no mistake, some day we will get it back. 😛

    Good day, Sir.

    • Forlorn Wongraven

      You will get G-B back, make no mistakes we ever planned anything else.

  • Laster

    I am actually quite interested in the missing moons. Why doesn’t dotlan pick them up? Is there some other online resource that is used to document these moons? I’ve always heard the region of Providence is one of the less resource-rich regions in Eve, and I’m wondering why that is, or if that rumor is correct.

    • Forlorn Wongraven

      There were never on DOTLAN as far as I remember. DOTLAN only shows what got reported by players as this data is not available via API. I don’t know if Provi made deals with Wollari. Provi never had Tech though, this is where this rumour is coming from.

  • Kamar Raimo

    I think it is a bit of a stretch to say that Provi has no cohesive narrative. They are currently the oldest coalition who have occupied the same space longer than anyone else. They have reconquered that space twice after being kicked out IIRC.

    You simply don’t pull that off without cohesive narrative.

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