The New Eden Order

If you are a regular reader of this site, then you have known me as a nuanced writer who aspires to deliver balanced analysis and commentary. This stops today! It´s time to stand up, citizens of New Eden, and get the message out about the reality behind Phoebe. All of you have to realize that you are being hoodwinked and have been for almost a whole decade. The Blue Donut is real. The RMT cartels are real. Now with Phoebe the shadow conspiracy behind all this is entering the final stages in their playbook and they do not want you to know this. Systematically they ridicule and marginalise all publishers who expose their shady deals. With a two-pronged attack consisting of the supposedly antagonistic Evenews24 and they cover both sides. EN24 sounds like the voice of the people, but all they do is intentionally serve up contrary opinion for laughs. In this back-and-forth mediagame TMC then picks it up with the supposed voice of reason and closes the circle of spin. At the same time both suppress all the independent bloggers by draining them of readers. Fortunately, before they can completely trample us all under their feet and break our will; before their media control is complete, there is one last chance for me to tell you what is actually going on and for you to prevent it from happening.

Who “Makes” EVE Content?

You think EVE is a game of unbound PVP? Good old Us vs. Them? That’s what those at the top want you to think, but just like in 1984 the war is simply a diversion to keep pressure on the population. To feed us oppression by increments, make everyone accept their fate, until pilots log in one day and find themselves in a technocratic military industrial complex concentration camp. The cabals at the top arrange those wars in backroom deals on jabber channels reserved for them alone. They call it “content creation”, but what they really mean is complete control. Do you really think that B-R just happened because of a mistake?! Do you really think an organisation like PL would forget to take care of a sov bill?! Do you think that an expert supercap force like theirs does not recognise a bait-tanked ship and keep shooting at Sort Dragon when it was totally obvious he was bait?! Of course not! It was all planned from the beginning to break the fleets of the Russians – the only group who refuses to play along because they have their own internal totalitarianism going on. N3/PL wasn’t lying when they said they had their Titans already replaced, and the CFC simply didn’t fully commit their forces. The end result was that the Russians lost all chance to be relevant again under their own power. B-R broke them as intended. Op success! gdW4NuC That kind of pre-arranged warfare has been going on since the Goon/BoB war. Back then the leadership of BoB and certain elements within the Goons began to grow closer. Just like they just did with the Russians, they formed plans back then to break the original Goon spirit and pacify the largest alliance of the game; to make them all march in lockstep to the tune of the pied piper. If you really believe the revisionist history that Haargoth Agamar simply defected then you have been manipulated and deceived all the time. He and The Mittani stood at the cradle of the system which was supposed to create a unified EVE government, a New Eden Order where they would not simply win the war or maybe influence CCP, but where they would control the whole game and generate enough RMT ISK to take over CCP itself. Karttoon, the last really freedom-loving Goon leader, was set up and branded an insane criminal to be chased out of the EVE community forever. All the back-references to the old antagonism between Goons and BoB only serves as a propaganda tool for both sides these days. A Tool to keep their war of attrition going which is only designed to turn all of us into peons!

The System Of Control

They opened nullsec to the masses of highsec carebears and newbies to create total oppression by constantly lowering the bar and finding new justifications for control disguised as “guidance for the newbros” and “protection against awoxers and spies”. During wars they wipe out whole subcap fleets with ISboxer bomber squads. Make no mistake, groups like Pizza are stacked with alts of the conspirators and their cronies. The purpose of this is to drive ship losses so high that even affluent individual players couldn’t possibly afford to replace them. The only thing untouched by the bombers are the leadership’s supercap fleets, but they follow a pre-arranged tactic anyway. This way they create a dependence on SRP which serves as a justification why income has to be concentrated at the top. The goal is to create an ISK-less society where no pilot can be self sufficient anymore and becomes a slave in a soviet-style dictatorship with a cabal of financiers controlling the money. The fake openness with financial reports is of course part of that deception. Who even has the oversight to verify those numbers? Nobody, because they don’t tell us the whole story. You’ve got to ask yourself who writes those reports and what is the purpose they serve. It is a sham, wool pulled over your eyes to hide the actual flow of ISK which finances the extortion fund that will eventually be used to take full control of CCP. There used to be BoB devs and Goon devs and PL devs, but the real goal is to not even need those anymore. Soon the point is reached where the New Eden Order have acquired controlling interest of CCP. Even now their influence is staggering, and if you think Hilmar runs that place, think again. With the coming of Phoebe we are at the last stage before the complete and unified EVE government. They feel so secure in achieving this that they even dare to come out into the open and call it the “Null Deal” , bragging about it as if it is some sort of beneficial public works program. What those proposals really mean is that players in nullsec will be corralled into pens like cattle, with no mobility and no way to sustain themselves but to toil like peons in the belts and anomalies. Under control on the inside by concentrated supercap forces with their guns turned on their own population and on the outside where NPC nullsec death squads – paid by the New Eden Order – stand ready to annihilate anyone who dares to look for a way out. CCP will do exactly what the New Eden Order wrote in their blueprint for total domination because they no longer have a choice.

But There Is A Way Out!

It is no coincidence that massive amounts of players protested Phoebe, but throughout the mainstream media you only hear opinion leaders singing its praises. Many of us feel intuitively that something is wrong, but our leaders keep feeding us lies and assure us that there are plans in place which will make everything better. In reality those plans are just further consolidating their complete totalitarianism. I tell you, players of New Eden, stop believing the lies of the New Eden Order and break free of their influence before it is too late. Whether it is The Mittani, Grath Telkin, Vince Dracken, the CSM members or anyone else on the top decision making layer, they are all in on it. They have their own Bilderberg meetings and Bohemian Grove gatherings where they decide the fate of New Eden and of CCP. Your fate! The NDA agreement signed by the CSM members means absolutely nothing in those circles. They share all the information in their secret meetings and CCP can do nothing about it. Through extortion and RMT financed bribes the cabal at the top have brought CCP to the point where they just have to do whatever they say. If you don’t believe it, just look at how Seagull’s roadmap miraculously changed from the original concept. The New Eden Order simply forced her to speed up the fulfillment of their agenda, because they are worried that we might be on to them. Because too many people begin to see through the lies and raise their voice in protest. nnoty8c




There is a reason why they are mainly targeting nullsec, because it is there where the largest concentration of freedom loving individuals exists. If they can break the collective will of the nullsec population, then the rest will be a mop-up operation. The players of nullsec are the biggest threat to their bid for power and that’s why they crack down on them hardest. They are afraid that we might rise up against them and foil their plans. Remember that you are immortal capsuleers. You need to follow nobody. Take your freedom into your own hands and turn your guns against the real targets: your leaders! Join the New Eden Crusade!  
This article is dedicated to Alex Jones; the tireless, often crazy and sometimes thought-provoking political agitator and to his favorite companion the bullhorn. By extension it is an homage to all the tinfoil-wearing conspiracy freaks among the EVE players and of course the New Eden Crusade.
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Former nullsec spy (no not under that name of course) and current failure at lowsec solo PVP, Tarek spends his time not logging in to the game as much as he keeps thinking about its social and metagame nature and sharing some of those thoughts with the CZ readers.