The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 59 – State of the Roam

This week Meredudd is joined by Redjon Gilead Aerten, Tau Kael, Entriri Crendraven, and uMillenium for a opinionated conversation about PVP roaming which blends between greater game concerns and the specifics of the style. We also get excited about the lifeblood expansion. We get into some roam stories too. Thanks to our producers @Cyclo_Hexanol and @Orion_Sa_Solo for making this episode happen. Thanks to guests, supporters, new followers, and down loaders. Thanks for listening every week. Watch the stream live every Monday evening at 7 pm Pacific, 10 pm Eastern at – Join us on our Discord here – Follow us on twitter @mindclashlive and @meredudd_eve – Check out for more info Intro – Kevin Gates-Roaming Around Outro – Marshmello – Silence [podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”450″ placement=”top”] Download this episode! New to the game? Need another alt? Support the show by following this for a new character creation –
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Kael Decadence is one of the hosts for the Mind Clash Podcast every Monday night, live on . In real life, Kael is an active duty Soldier and a father of four kids. Needless to say, life isn't boring for him. Also he has six chickens, most of which are named Jasmine.