The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 53: Kings of the South


Arguably one of the most interesting episodes to date, Mind Clash 53 interrupts its regularly scheduled program to bring you the destruction of the Co2 (Circle of Two) Alliance. While speaking to Creecher (TEST), Jon Draper (NOSOV), and Sharp as and Catelyn Stoneheart (both from SNUFF) about all the new updates coming soon to EVE we are informed that Co2’s “The Judge” has Bob’ed the alliance over to TEST and Goonswarm.

Kael and several of the guests scramble to figure out what is happening in their alliances while Meredudd continues to hold it down. The show wraps up with some thoughts on what this news will bring to the future, as well as a candid explanation of SNUFF’s new partnership with The Imperium

Intro is Smooth by CPT Blastahoe

Outro is Judge is Gonna Cut You Down by RMT Records

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Tags: Backstab, Mind Clash, The Judge

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