The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 46: Twas the Night before Dev News


The guys had to start the show early on this 46th episode of The Mind Clash Podcast so Meredudd could go play the hockey stick and Kael could get up early as hell for a road march. Nonetheless the show must go on, so we were joined by Orion Sa-Solo, Claevyan, and Anthrobeau to talk about some of the latest news and war reports. To round the evening out we discussed our thoughts on the current state and health of the game as a whole.

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Kael Decadence

Kael Decadence is one of the hosts for the Mind Clash Podcast every Monday night, live on . In real life, Kael is an active duty Soldier and a father of four kids. Needless to say, life isn't boring for him. Also he has six chickens, most of which are named Jasmine.