The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 35: NPE and PVE Square Table


On this 35th installment of the Mind Clash Podcast, Kael talks with lore afficianado Ashterothi, the great professor Jurius Doctor, whelper of the Reds Nikolai Mazinkov, and the face behind EVE Dublin Joeseph Barnacle to talk about the NPE and PVE. Not quite a round table but maybe a bit square, we hash out some of the problems surround this and what we think CCP and the community could do to make it better.


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Kael Decadence

Kael Decadence is one of the hosts for the Mind Clash Podcast every Monday night, live on . In real life, Kael is an active duty Soldier and a father of four kids. Needless to say, life isn't boring for him. Also he has six chickens, most of which are named Jasmine.