The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 33: Kyonoke and Space Fu


With people still recovering from massive jetlag after Fanfest, the crowd was a bit mixed and mingled to talk about our thoughts of the future of EVE, the aftermath of the Kyonoke Inquest, and all out tinfoil.

This episode stared Ashterothi, Morgan StarKiller, and Mosquito God. The show was hosted by Kael until Meredudd decided to grace us with his presence. Somewhere along the way we lost Morgan and I have no idea where she ran off to.

At the end of the show we mentioned a few other podcasts to check out, those were;
Meredudd – The Waking Up Podcast
Kael – Return Home
Ashterothi – Nightvale
Mosquito – Powerful by Joe Rogan

Intro Music is Knock by CPT Blastahoe

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