The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 32: Fanfest in Review


Taking things back to our roots, Kael and Meredudd tackle the show as the original crime-fighting duo, and talk about all things related to Fanfest. From initial reactions to in depth analysis, these two capsuleers dive into Fanfest 2017 head on.

Intro is Destiny by CPT Blastahoe

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Kael Decadence

Kael Decadence is one of the hosts for the Mind Clash Podcast every Monday night, live on . In real life, Kael is an active duty Soldier and a father of four kids. Needless to say, life isn't boring for him. Also he has six chickens, most of which are named Jasmine.

  • Sticker Jim

    Like the podcast, but you guys are unbelievably optimistic about subscribership/playerbase numbers. I get the whole eve-fanboy angle, but a million? LOL, never. I would be absolutely amazed if they are at 250,000 including all the alphas. Don’t ever confuse “accounts” with “people” even though lots of eve players and CCP like to play loose with accounts and treating them like individual people. When I was playing, the average accounts per player was about 3 to 1, and one of the CSM members let slip CCP’s actual player number (while on a podcast) of about 160,000. That was with between 450k and 550k active accounts. With alphas, there might be more players now, but the accounts per player ratio went up a lot too. SO, I’m being optimistic too, and saying “maybe” there are 250,000 actual players. I’m betting less.