The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 22: CSM Summit Talks


With the CSM XI winter summit starting, Kael and Meredudd sit down with  community members to discuss the summit pre-meeting video and some of the topics they hope get discussed this week in Iceland. On the show is Opus Magnum (the guy behind EVE Onion New), Alekseyev Karrde from the Declarations of War Podcast, Scott VonCleif from Podside fame, and Morgan Starkiller who is a DJ on EVE Radio.

You can watch live at every Monday at 03:00 EVE time on Wednesday. To find an archive of all of The Mind Clash Podcast episodes, visit http://www.MindClash.Live! The intro song for this episode is “Level V” by the one and only Cpt Blastahoe

Download Episode 22 here

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