The Mantle of the Good Guy


The mantle of the good guy; the enemies of The Imperium seem to bask in it. Various leaders seem to be trying to milk the good guy teat through propaganda. From local chat to Slack and all over /r/Eve, it’s currently fashionable for line members and leaders alike to proclaim their just cause of defeating The Mittani, Sion, and the dirty evil Imperium. The end of an era they call it, VFK by whatever arbitrary date they happen to set.

Are the Allies really all that different from the Imperium when it comes to space ethics though? Recruiting of defectors from The Imperium shows us something about the allegedly superior morality of the passive-aggressive Karma Kollecting Krowd, or the ‘me too’ hangers-on from various EVE communities and chat clients?

“While Mittens may set the tone for The Imperium, the directors are the ones carrying out the daily operations and specifics.”

The Mittani always has the power to order any action himself, but it’s common knowledge that like Solodrakban, he is literally Hitler, except that The Mittani loves to delegate. So as much as some would love to place the most evil acts of The Imperium squarely on The Mittani alone, it doesn’t hold a lot of weight. While Mittens may set the tone for The Imperium, the directors are the ones carrying out the daily operations and specifics. There are Illum Wannsee conferences daily on how best to liquidate the low sec ghettos and gas pubbies on the Jita undock.

When Endie and Bat County departed they were hailed on r/Eve and other venues as heroes for leaving the evil Imperium. When they joined Pandemic Legion they were seen as allies who’d been allegedly victimized by the evil nasty Goon leadership according a lot of the actively vocal public. This is strange considering that most of the complaints about The Imperium’s worst behaviors were either directed or supervised by Bat Country.  


Who ran GIA? Who systematically undermined corps, alliances and entire blocs for five years? Who was the umbrella corp of MINILUV, one of the most hated SIGs in all of The Imperium? Who leaked confidential information about players and corps? Who, as the Director of the GIA, had the pull to stop Digi’s alleged doxxing? The internet spaceship likenesses of Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich; Endie and Midge.

“Our own Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel in a fursuit, Blawrf was the strategic instrument of destruction for The Imperium.”

Now we come to the former Skymarshall, Blawrf McTaggart – also a former GIA member. You may remember him from such famous stories as phoning Preencleeve’s home and speaking to his grandmother? He’s more space famous for the fact that he commanded the entire force of The Imperium for years. Our own Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel in a fursuit, Blawrf was the strategic instrument of destruction for The Imperium for years. He proudly razed constellation after constellation and devised strategies to break the will of, and generally frustrate, the player base of EVE Online. He was the epitome of the “I’m not here to ruin the game, but to ruin your game” mentality personified. He was cordial, professional, and ultimately genocidal in EVE.

By the summer of 2015, Blawrf was no longer really doing the his space job, citing “burnout”.  He spoke to The Mittani about how he was exhausted and for all intents and purposes resigned as Skymarshall.  A month later, there was a policy shift and Blawrf was removed from Skymarshall related leadership channels, and Illum. According to his r/eve AMA he was offended over being removed from a chat channel that was created for the most senior management of The Imperium after resigning from the roles that granted him that level of access; just let that sink in for a moment.

Most of us are aware that Blarf had surgery. I, and I’m sure many others, are happy he’s lost weight. However, his mentioning of it upon departure is little more than an attempt to illicit an emotional response from the general public, or pubbies. The fact that he had plastic surgery was 100% irrelevant to the channels he was granted or denied access to considering Blawrf expressed a desire to resign from the roles multiple times prior to said surgery.

It made sense to remove his ability to access said channels. Security access control has two elements; position within an organization and need to know. Blarwf no longer had the position, or the need to know. I know a bit about this because I was removed from certain channels due to inactivity for internal security purposes while undergoing rotator cuff repair and physical therapy. I wasn’t actively doing my space jobs and I didn’t have need to know sensitive information at the time either.

“If Goons are Nazis, than the Allies have frequently commissioned senior leaders of infamous organizations such as the Allegemeine SS, Einsatzgruppen and the Sicherheitsdienst to help win them the war.”

Goons, get compared to Nazis a lot. Sometimes we even claim to be Nazis, though we have an unbiased ‘murder everyone’ state policy. So here is some real talk on that subject for people to digest. If Goons are Nazis, than the Allies have frequently commissioned senior leaders of infamous organizations such as the Allegemeine SS, Einsatzgruppen and the Sicherheitsdienst to help win them the war.

  This argument has been countered with the assertion that the real Allies of WW2 fame hired Nazis after the war, and that my analysis is incorrect because of that somehow. While it is true that the US hired former Nazis, they were not extermination camp guards, death squads, political enforcers and secret police. They came from the science and technology branches. They also were not on the General Staff with direct oversight of the ethnic cleansing campaigns.

The Allies are enjoying wearing their shiny new “Good Guy” badges while the high sec masses cheer them on, but it’s absurd for anyone to believe MBC will usher in an era of prosperity and content for anyone save themselves. They’ve mostly been perfectly willing to look the other way when it comes to the supposedly vile acts of former Imperium leaders defecting, while calling Sion and others a space war criminal. Most of the Allies Coalition, or MBC, or whatever they call themselves; they don’t care about ethics in EVE Online, let alone that precious hauler some rando lost in Jita. That’s normal in EVE, and expected. However there are those who seriously seek some sort of moral high ground, or cheerlead for it. Keep fastening those knots of hypocrisy on ropes of blind moral superiority to hang yourselves with; take a red pill too while you’re at it, just to be sure.  

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About the author

Viktor Fel

Viktor is currently a member of Goonwaffe, and has actively not existed in the Reavers SIG since its founding in 2014. His EVE hobbies include aborting baby titans, making renters miserable, mass murder in space. You know, just Reaver things.

  • Provi Miner

    lol nice spin lets start with your Normandy comparison to quote omarr bradly (the goods guy in the war, no?) “I don’t want to hear about snipers being captured behind the lines” yeah that’s a good guy comment no doubt. or how about the air marshall who took the fall for the allied terror bombing, we know now that it was not only approved by English leadership but all allied leadership? how about the Russians getting some of their own back, I think I read a report that suggested well over 50% the female german civilian population in territory over run by the Russians were raped. The point is good guy is a perspective, it is a propaganda point.
    Ok lets move on to your next two points “new era of prosperity and content” um on this they will. Sure it will suck if you are ratter up north shifting sov owner ship always sucks for the non pvp folks, but those ratting else where will benefit, those mining else where will benefit. End result the region becomes a 100 years war area but everything feeding into it will prosper. Next the content, your right PL will not create new content in the region directly, however the removal of goons “safe lands” and returning the north to a frontier state will created unlimited possibilities for content.
    So good spin might even work on the unthinking but honestly pretty empty.

  • The_Lang

    Tbh, I don’t see what is there to complain, I mean it’s a game and people build up narratives for fun and dank frags. Goons have been famous for this, and Mittani in particular. Now, in this instance you got overwhelmed on the narrative and propaganda field and you’re losing on the field of battle, so yeah, I guess it sucks. Just keep in mind that the CFC has had many successful campaigns where you guys got to enjoy victory on the field of battle and victory on the field of dank propaganda while your enemies were eating shit. Unfortunately no one can win forever, and now it’s your turn to eat shit for a while. But all this shell pass in due time…

  • Montolio Was Right

    MBC is a merciful coalition. Even the most heinous, fun-denying, real life monetizing, game-killing goon can be saved by repenting and embracing fun and content and space adventure and everything else that gives eve life.

  • mofo_d D

    “Karma Kollecting Krowd” I like the part where he tried to attach a group of people who despised another group of people based on racial background… to a group of people who are free to express themselves in an open forum.

    As for the rest of the blathering…. crabs in a bucket. Keep pulling at the ones who want out, It’s fun to watch.

    Also… GJ on sticking to the WWB narrative, bet Mittens is loving ya for that. #WorldWarBee #NeverForget

    • Viktor Fel

      World War Bee is the superior name, period. I await being shot in the back of the head and dumped into an open mass grave by next Thursday.

      • mofo_d D

        Ohhh you… you do love living on the edge you. o/o High five. 😉

        Seriously though… no need for that style of writing attacks when your arguments can stand on their own merits…. right?

  • Rob Kaichin

    Where does this change from the Reddit post?

    • xanderphoena

      I’ll C&P my reply from reddit when someone asked something similar;

      ‘Yeah, we asked Viktor to join the CZ team as a result of that post and flesh it into a full article which he did. We’re very excited to have him on board to help maintain CZ’s position as the place where you are guaranteed to find the widest, most balanced range of opinions compared to any other Eve site.’

  • Rolfski

    There’s no moral high ground, there only winning the propaganda war ground. MBC could be the new Stalin/USSR to stick to your words, but nobody cares because you’re Nazi and have to die first. And obviously, CFC is playing the propaganda card the wrong way because it’s badly hurting your coalition’s morale.

    Which doesn’t surprise me. Because from a propaganda standpoint, I’m constantly seeing CFC making the same painful mistakes in this war over and over again:
    – Playing the victim card. This is simply incredibly stupid if you have been the bully for years.
    – Blaming CCP. Again incredibly stupid, no need to explain this.
    – Denying/down-playing your “bad guys” image, like you do in this opinion piece. This is by far the biggest propaganda mistake I’ve seen CFC making. You are the guys that wrote the book on “ruining your game, not the game”, so stick to that mantra and be proud of it. Acting differently not only makes look pathetic but nobody simply believes you.

    There is a lot to be gained by playing the bad guys. Every game needs them, it attracts lots of players and gives you tons of free publicity. You just need to be proud of it, play it smart and use it to your advantage.

    • Viktor Fel

      I am proud of being a bad guy, period,, that’s pretty damned clear.

      • Rolfski

        I’m glad to hear that but should have made it more clear in your article. Nobody cares about articles with the message “bbbbut, but the enemy is bad too.” Fuck that. CFC is that baddest, live up to that name, for Christ sake!

        I just watched the Meta Show and the Mittani himself made this very stupid mistake again! Accusing reddit administrators of Nazi sympathies. WRONG! He should be portraying his enemies as a bunch of Bambi’s, trying to hop in on some bandwagon and getting their adorable PVP feet wet. His Summer child rhetoric (although very badly named) is what he should be pushing, the rest is bullshit.

        And strategy should support this message as well. CaraCoward and Sword fleets won’t win you the propaganda wars, big brawls do. Being outnumbered doesn’t matter when you have the huge advantage of fighting a single, well organized unit. CFC could easily achieve victory in war with the right spirit. Becoming afraid of power projection injects fear into your ranks though, which is absolutely devastating for morale.

  • Jester

    As I said when you posted this on Reddit, the very fact that you call your enemies “pubbies” is reason enough to call you the bad guy.

    • Montolio Was Right

      It’s funny. Truth is this guy IS a pubbie he is just too deluded to see it, jumping corps and worming his way up in an organization that by this time had looong given up the identity which made the distinction between goons and “pubbies” meaningful.

      • Viktor Fel

        Confirming I don’t give a damn what forums, chat client, etc you use.

  • Rob Kaichin

    I’ve replied to this already, but I’m picking out something because it’s incorrect:

    ” While it is true that the US hired former Nazis, they were not extermination camp guards, death squads, political enforcers and secret police. They came from the science and technology branches. They also were not on the General Staff with direct oversight of the ethnic cleansing campaigns.”

    The CIC recruited a whole bunch of really foul war criminals, notably
    There’s also the controversy of Speer’s role in the holocaust, but I’m not touching on that.

    • Montolio Was Right

      Don’t forget the Japanese unit 731.

      • Rob Kaichin

        What happened to Unit 731 anyway?

        Weren’t they all executed?

        I didn’t study the Asian War Crimes trials.

        • fdafdsf

          US gave asylum to the head researcher and had him continue his work. Biological weapons used by US during the Korean War supposedly came from his research. Some of the germ warfare shells fell across the border into China. Live culture from them were kept, and analyzed later on in the ’80s, when they showed genetic markers linking them to samples from Unit 731.

          China used the shelling (which is widely believed to be unintentional) as an exuse to claim “American aggression” and intervened on behalf of North Korea, who was about to be wiped out. It’s the only reason North Korea exists today.

    • Niko Lorenzio

      Dude please. They hired some of the most disgusting and terrible people who called themselves “scientists” and protected them from war crime charges, especially from the Japanese side. The information these “scientists” gathered by performing heinous experiments on living people were brought with them and put into practice.

      • Rob Kaichin

        I don’t condone anything they did, nor do I accept that most of their experiment research had any value. Lots of Mengele’s research had extremely poor methodology and was, in essence, pseudo-science.

  • feynstone

    This is an impressively written smear peice, and I am genuinely impressed. Well written, Viktor, you may break the illusion of the heroic defector yet.

  • Kamar Raimo

    First of all, there are no good guys. All is fair in love and war. Whichever strategy wins is the better one.

    With that out of the way, all the different parties that are against the Imperium in this war have their own motivations. Some are seeking payback for Fountain, some want to dunk it out with your supercap fleet, some are genuinely Grr Goons, aome want dank frags and some just want to see the world burn.

    What unites them is that the Imperium is the last major coalition besides what is going on over in the dronelands that is playing EVE the old way, and at the same time is suffering from rot and hubris to such a degree that they have become a joke. Like a bunch of wild dogs your ebemies have smelled the fear and weakness, and they act on that.

    Mittani likes using the Roman Empire as analogy. Well, that Empire got fat and lazy and corrupt and eventually it was ripped apart by hordes of barbarians which they previously subjugated or at least easily held at bay. That’s what is happening now.

    Were the barbarians the good guys who fought for freedom against the oppression of the evil Romans? In some Hollywood movie maybe, but generally they were a raping and pillaging horde. *If* the Imperium loses this war – which I consider far from certain – then maybe we will enter and EVE Dark Age with marauding space tribes fighting each other, the glory of the Imperium left in the ashes of history.

    It sure will be a terrible place to live for the humble nullbear or the peaceful industrialist, but it will have action and grit. As a game EVE Mad Max sounds much more interesting to me than EVE Civilisation.

  • Knobber

    If you’re going to do WW2 analogies, at least learn about the historical figures and organisations you’re using. Of all the German Field Marshals, OKH or OKW Staff, Keitel is a terrible comparison. Midge as Heydrich? The GIA was highly successful, the German intelligence services were notably terrible. Much like the Black Hand is now.

  • Anon

    Dat salt. Dat bias. Deez teerz.
    I must have some cheese with it.

  • Midge Mo’yb

    NIce to see a nobody with no grasp of the structure of the alliance have his say from the outside, The GIA had their job and we did it to the best of our ability, Digi was counter intel and not our problem nor our concern, and the only times we spoke were really about how not to get caught by other alliance counter intel based on our own experiences.

    Digi answered to mittens and only mittens.

    By your logic, the 50-60 people in illum are also guilty by association

    • Viktor Fel

      You clearly hate satire Midge and have lost your flair for loving blatant propaganda.

  • ipvicus

    This isn’t about generating content, its about ethics in internet spaceships!

  • Viktor Fel

    Internet spaceships, still serious business.

  • Utaki

    You goons played the bad guys for years. You basked in it. Wallowed in it. So long as you were winning it was all great fun. You don’t suddenly get to renounce that role now that we’re kicking your ass.

    But since this is a game, and people playing the game are, to some extent, roleplaying, players *can* shed their roles by moving on to different groups and doing different things. The fact that it *is* a game is something you lot seem to have forgotten.

  • Zappity

    It’s all becoming academic anyway. You have to undock to be relevant. The Deklein burn is about to begin and it will be interesting to see what does, or doesn’t, happen next.

  • Viktor Fel

    Now that this is up and everyone has had their raging and butthurt reactions. You all got trolled. Yeah, internet spaceships is world war 2?

    I’m poking fun at every super serious entrenched autists in EVE with the above post. Biggest problem in EVE right now is total polarization of communities.

    Yeah Endie and Midge are just like genocidal maniacs. The Mittani is Hitler. Elise Randolph kills children on vacation, or whatever.

    Get serious, better yet stop getting so serious everyone. Midge especially, I though you’d know better.

    • CatVomit

      I don’t know, this seems incredibly two-faced. You really did invite that polarization into eve. I don’t need to list it all, do I? Or were you in a fugue?

      Also, if it’s anyone that needs to un-serious themselves, its that leadership of yours. They legitimately got mad in an extremely egocentric way after the kickstarter got torpedoed. Really that kind of vindicative sperg is what you’d expect from a pubbie highsec ceo who thinks he’s the center of the universe. Just goes to show that 2016 GSF is nothing like 2009 Goonfleet

  • Xavi Bastanold

    I like to think of MBC as the Red Army rather than the Wallies. This isn’t the Falaise Pocket but Operation Bagration and Army Group Goon is about to become little more than a kampfgruppe.

  • Niko Lorenzio

    The way I see it’s Soviet Union and Imperialist West fighting the Nazis. There are no good guys, but you sure as hell are not rooting for the Nazis. Luckily this is an online video game and either way the war is enjoyable.

  • fdasfds

    Ppl perceive things by contrast. Compared to a group of people who’s been intentionally painting themselves as the bad guys all these years, MBC may as well be saints.

  • Kinis Deren

    Such a shame that CZ has descended to allowing, by the author’s own admission, trolling articles.

    This article could have been a very enjoyable & informative read if only the author had used the title as a guide rather than stretching the troll so thin to make up names to reach KKK connection.

    The good guy mantle is a natural rallying call for all players to gather against a perceived demonic enemy. If the title can be secured by one group then it naturally instills doubt in the enemy line members, leading them to question their commitment to their group.

    The MBC are the natural heirs to the good guy tag. There is a list of crimes against the game as long as your arm that Mittens & his cronies have commited. EVE collectively said ‘enough is enough’ and the Imperium is reaping the reward for its self styled bad guy greed.

    Propoganda has allowed the good guy message to be spread far and wide via the powerful community of /r/eve. Even CCP are cheering on the good guys, in their discreet manner, by accepting & publicising the current conflict as ‘World War Bee’.

    The good guy message has been so powerful that even leading lights within the CFC have defected after realising the error of their ways. Mittens labels such players as traitors & backstabbers, MBC calls them heros. Redemption, forgiveness & acceptance are the actions of good guys whereas alienation, hate speach & character assassination are the only tools available to the bad guys.

    • Viktor Fel

      But it don’t really work, for any of us – and by us I mean EVE alliances and coalitions. We’re nearly all playing at something awful Kinis (CONDI, TEST, PL, . We all have tyrants who rule us, overtly or covertly. Maybe it’s Illum, maybe it’s PL, maybe it’s IWI.

      JUst go out and shoot things, have fun, make some narrative if you wan’t too. Know this though, EVE nullsec does not really have good at the bloc level, just varied levels of evil.

  • Epik

    “While it is true that the US hired former Nazis, they were not extermination camp guards, death squads, political enforcers and secret police. They came from the science and technology branches. They also were not on the General Staff with direct oversight of the ethnic cleansing campaigns.”

    Hmmm …