Hello everyone! I’m JEFFRAIDER and I’m starting a new podcast here on Crossing Zebras called THE JEFFRAIDER SHOW. The general format will be twice weekly episodes, one short one with a focus on answering listener mail and general discussion, and a longer one focused on EVE: Online. I’ll be posting the 0.5 episode on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, which will be a bit of an introduction/explanation of how the show will (hopefully) go, and I’m going to record the weekend EVE: Online episode this Saturday.

I’ve landed some fantastic inaugural guests, with Endie of Bat Country, Manfred Sideous of North Eastern SWAT and Mr Hyde113 of Origin. Please send any questions or subjects you want to hear these fine folk discuss to or JEFFRAIDER via EVE mail.

Thanks very much and I hope you enjoy the show!


About the author


JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.


    sounds lame

    • Doomchinchilla

      this guy sounds like a chooberdog

      • Bruce Willis


    • Dermeisen

      Seriously, good news!

    • Haraku

      Why not JEFFM8R Show?

  • xanderphoena


  • callduron

    I really liked the fitting vids you did so it’s nice to see you make more content even if it’s for the evil Xander. Great cast.

    Talking points
    – AT
    – Fozziesov
    – Provi
    – why did Endie really step down?

  • Smokey

    Looking forward to the new show…and keeping a somewhat regular schedule in the long term is great for the podcast addicts like myself.

    I’m quite curious what kind of a show it will be…a funny, relaxed shit on kugu-esque podcast that has stories and good times, or a just the facts news style reporting and serious business debates. That asshole Jeff was great on sok so i have faith and high expectations regardless.

    Looking forward to listening to the episode. Break an engine or whatever the saying would be!

  • bronopoly

    Easily first.

  • Asher

    Finally! The CZ team finally decides to run a podcast!
    Hopefully it will offer well researched information and interesting discussion topics. I’m tired of podcasts full of over-inflated ego’s and ill-informed opinions *cough* podside *cough*.. Lol.
    Good luck JEFF. Will be tuning in 😉

    • Druik Arbosa

      Yeah, as opposed to the other podcast, that no one talks about because it is overrated…

    • Harri

      You’re posting on a PL outlet for propaganda complaining about egos. LOL the irony

  • Le Mittani

    First Question: Why do you hate noobs?

    • PL bittervet

      Fuck the newbies!


      Fun Fact: The show was very nearly named FUCK THE NEW BROS starring JEFFRAIDER. The plan was to just gather different guests each week and talk to them about stuff that new players can’t possibly do yet, and why that’s funny to us.

  • Hendrick Tallardar


  • Seraph IX Basarab

    (Our EN24 skype channel)

    [3:10:25 PM] Seraph Basarab: what the ever living FUCK BOB

    [3:10:25 PM] Seraph Basarab: WHAT THE FUCK

    [3:10:29 PM] Seraph Basarab:

    [3:10:34 PM] Seraph Basarab: This is YOUR fault

    [3:10:40 PM] Seraph Basarab: How the fuck did WE not get jeffraider

    [3:10:46 PM] Seraph Basarab: god damn it

    [3:10:53 PM] Seraph Basarab: i hope your already underwater country fucking sinks

    • xanderphoena

      To be fair, aren’t we ALL just waiting for Bob / Holland to sink?


      • Seraph IX Basarab

        Yeah but that’s besides the point. This is war you damn dirty zebs. Until you give us jeffraider, I hereby declare war on Crossing Zebras until we destroy you as a video game news website…or you destroy yourselves by making a shitty layout and become a cum dumpster of video game ads.

        • xanderphoena

          Well if you ever want to join the winning side, you know how to get in touch xxx

          • Seraph IX Basarab

            Seriously though I look forward to this segment as well. You guys always put out quality stuff and I’ve always thought of Crossing Zebras as one of the best player made Eve sites out there. You guys really do carry yourself with class so best regards.

          • xanderphoena

            🙂 We all love EN24 over at this side too. Can’t wait to hang out with Bob again at EVE_NT.

  • Gho Higyidr

    Oh boi!

  • Dawe

    what about the style of show you had with kugu (shitonkugu)

  • cloaky sniper raven

    I feel some strange affinity for Jeffm8r/raider. We both started same year year and he is pretty cool. Sometimes a bit douchey, but mostly coolbro. 8/10 would listen.

    Plus, a small request, next time give us dirt on Alphastarpilot and the Pandemic Horde. That kid cracks me up! plus newbros are fun and cute!