The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 8


What’s good you guys!

We’ve got a great show today rounding up some of the last week’s announcements and events! I’m joined by:



  • Jason Quixos – GMVA



  • Gorski Car – Dirt ‘n’ Glitter



  • Doomchinchilla – Collapsed Out



  • Apothne – Sniggerdly



We talk about:



  • Transneural Extractors/Packets and the Character Bazaar



  • Balance Smorgasbord



  • New Exploration Frigate



  • Navy Ewar Frigates



  • The Crimson Harvest



Here’s the show:


The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 8


Exploring The Character Bazaar

Balance Smorgasbord

Discovering a New Expedition Frigate

Navy Ewar Frigs

The Crimson Harvest

Song: Lexicon – Rock to the Rhythm


About the author


JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.

  • Random Guy

    TSE will cost 1/4th of a PLEX at minimum. So that’s like 5 $.

    For a 50 mil SP char you need 126 TSE = 630 $.

    Somehow I feel that CCP will price a TSE at 10 $.

    Transfering chars with char bazaar should have an option for char rename and sex change but with a price (llike in real life, haha).

  • Skarr Tos

    One thing that I don’t think was mentioned is that everything in EVE is destructible. This is important compared to other MMOs where that currency persists in game for a lot longer. Just a thought.

  • Saint Michael’s Soul

    Jeffraider waz unfairly banned! Free the Jeffraider 1. The campaign starts here chaps.

  • JZ909

    I think the SP discussion sucked up too much time, which made the rest of the show feel rushed.

    I thought the balance and new ship discussion was a little weak. For example, it will potentially be possible to scram-kite past the Navy Griffin’s effective ECM range, the Fleet Vigil will have a defensive web range longer than a Garmur’s defensive scram range, and the Navy Osprey is undergoing a major overhaul that will make it much stronger. I’m surprised there wasn’t much discusion on those things.

    It did end on a nice note though, a little Blood Raider storyline is cool, and the Drifter storyline is a lot of fun.

  • Slowdive Aideron

    Awesome fucking show, as always!

  • Freelancer117

    Why can’t we reprocess corpses into very small amounts of un-allocated skill points, since we are talking about brain tissue grafts.

    To the victor the spoils right, and there is no clearer victory then Death

    Regards, a Freelancer