The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 5

Hey everyone! Wormhole time! The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 5 is all about wormholes and we’re joined by some great guests:
  • Joran Jackson –┬áMinistry of Inappropriate Footwork
  • Foedus Latro – Isogen5
  • corbexx – Goonswarm Federation
  • Noobman – PL/Hard Knocks
  • Dujek Oneye – The Desolate Order
  • Johnny Splunk – EVE Scout
  • Muhadin – PL/Hard Knocks
We talk about:
  • The battle for Nova
  • General WH PVE/Escalations/Meta
  • The Fury Road
  • Citadels in W-Space
Here’s the show: The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 5 Links: The Battle for Nova Part 1 The Battle for Nova Part 2 Song: Stori – Bloodclot

About the author


JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.

  • JZ909

    Wormholers are a kind of a quiet, secretive bunch. I don’t think I’ve read or heard an article specificly dedicated to wormholes, outside of a stort about the occassional large-scale eviction. Thanks for putting this together!