The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 35 – Statecraft CSM Debates Part 2


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MONSTER SHOW INBOUND. This week we did another three debate sessions, I’ve done them all in one big show with some tunes in between to not screw over our RSS ninjas. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO

Here’s Episode 34A: [3:20:48] The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 35


Guests Session 1:

NCC 1709
Scylus Black
Kael Decadence
Bardghost Isu

Guests Session 2:

Vincent Eneticum
Djavin Novienta
JTclone ares
Solidus Obscura

Guests Session 3:

Capri Sun KraftFoods
The Judge
Vic Jefferson
jonn duune

Songs:¬†Ol Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Baby I Got Your Money, Baby C’mon

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  • ew

    A good portion of the third part of this was just a panel of establishment block candidates ganging up on an anti establishment candidate with valid concerns. Jin and Judge straight up lost my vote because of this podcast. Just because someone doesn’t vote doesn’t mean that they don’t actually play the game and have valid concerns. The greater portion of this game has shown to be hisec in the past based on CCP activity statistics(Think it was ~70% ). They just don’t vote because they aren’t organized to. That isn’t a problem of not trying to organize them. That is a problem of them existing in much smaller groups and not having block ballot systems. #banblockvotebrigading

    • Grath

      PL doesn’t use ‘block voting’, there is no alliance ballot and we make no effort to influence how a member votes. The FC’s may ‘voice’ who they’re voting for but thats about as far as it goes.

      The thing is, you don’t get to sit back and be all anti social and not join a group and then bitch about organized groups putting their vote to use. You already opted out of the discussion when you went on your own, thats the whole part about it. It would seem that a lot of people, including the game company itself think that organizations motivating members to vote a certain way isn’t a bad thing.

      Also to counter you, The Judge actually GOT my vote after hearing him tonight, I’m sorry you’d turn a good person down because he differs with your views on unmanageable issues like block voting but the guy seemed to be aware of what was going on and showed up to like, every single fucking meeting.

      • ew

        I never said I didn’t like Capri or any other PL candidates. I actually really like Capri and bobmon. Knowledgeable dudes. I don’t give a shit which block a candidate belongs to. I care about their positions and how they try to argue them.

        Don’t get me wrong. I don’t spend time in highsec. Its boring af and if I did I would probably /biomass. But most of the nerds in highsec don’t even know what the CSM is. I don’t think they should be discounted from representation just because the game play in highsec doesn’t support large level groups.

        The reason that judge lost my vote isn’t because he differs in views with me its more about the way he handled the debate. It really sounded like he wasn’t willing to even hear out another candidates views without cutting him off. In cutting off an opponents argument you are attempting to counter the argument by not allowing a full argument to be presented. Therefore it seems fragmented. That is the basis that I am basing the decision off of.

        Thanks for the well thought out rebuttal though. I may not have been precise enough about my reasoning in the original post.