The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 30



30th anniversary episode!! We were joined by a bunch of my bros (at different times):

  • Niden
  • Ron Mexxico
  • Killah Bee
  • Grath Telkin
  • Elise Randolph
  • Newtronamonics
  • Doomchinchilla
  • Darius JOHNSON
  • Reza Najafi
  • Big Country

We talked about:

  • Fleet Boost Changes
  • Shortbus Supers Dying
  • Free 2 Play EVE
  • NC. Titan gets keepstar’d

Here’s the show: [2:13:16] The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 30

Song: Black Moon – Who Got The Props

Video of the Week: Rhiload – I PvP For Fun

In-Game Channel: The JEFFRAIDER Show

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JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.

  • slowdive

    good stuff! happy 30th !

  • Messiah Complex

    I’m not saying this is a valid argument, or that CCP is going to heed it, but here’s what’s going to happen:

    Whether the context is ganking, or fleets of 100 Griffins in low sec, or whatever, you’re going to hear Omegas bitching about how they’re paying for their subs, and these free-to-play fuckers are ruining their game.

    Watch this space.

    • Druik Arbosa

      So, not too much different then, given that bittervets Like to complain?

  • Stralisemiai

    I’m catching up with all the content as I’ve been away for a few days. Came here first 🙂 congrats on 30th.

    So much EVE hype! Alpha and Omega baby!

  • Smokey

    Congrats on reaching 30 episodes!

    I just wanted to say that bringing in a guest to annoy someone might piss off a listener of the show too.

  • IV Dystopia

    Congrats on 30 love the music every time. Do me a favor and dub over Big Country with Fifty Cent – 21 Questions “Are you mad ‘cause I’m asking you 21 questions?….I love you like a fat kid love cake, You know my style, I say anything to make you smile.”

    Again, thanks 30!!!!