The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 28


Hello everyone!


We have a MONSTER show for you this week! I was joined by:

  • Asher Elias – Goonswarm Federation
  • Sort Dragon – DARKNESS.
  • Bluemelon – Pandemic Legion
  • Mawderator – The Tuskers
  • Lenny Kravitz2 – INFAMOUS

We talked about:

  • Alliance Tournament 14 (First 60 minutes is pure AT talk)
  • The First Null-Sec Keepstar
  • EVE Gambling
  • Current State of Null-Sec
  • Are PL the new goons? 

Here’s the show[2:38:42]: The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 28   

Song: Steve Earle – Meet Me In The Alleyway

Video of the Week: Rooks and Kings – Ostara Unleashed

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About the author


JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.

  • Jare


  • tara read

    : D

  • stunkerd

    loved the long podcast, gives me someting to listen to whil ratting


      Thanks! Will try to go longer in future

  • Slowdive

    I think CCP has to like develop a way to record a 1st Person View of the individual gameplay. It would be really amazing to see what exactly are pilots doing. Also.. FFS , VR EVE !!!! with a way to control / command ships as the fleet commander.

  • Blaster Boat

    As always, I dug the whole thing man. Props to Asher for sure, total good sport. Cant wait for AT.

  • Deepfry Audeles

    I didn’t mind the length at all, really interesting discussion on different perspectives of WWB. Props to Asher for taking a beating like a man. Respect.

  • cearain

    Great podcast.

    I Love the idea of large fleet tournament. Maybe alternate years with large and small. I was thinking maybe just say each team could have a set amount of isk. I don’t know how much, but maybe like 90 bill per fleet.?? That might be exploited I am not sure but it would allow people to field caps if they wanted. Pegging it to isk would also be more realistic to the game where ship doctrines are measured by cost.

    I’m not sure citadels are broken. They are supposed to be the most defensible structure in eve. Other structures will come that can be attacked more easily. Also I am not sure that it is bad that it is hard to dislodge an enemy.

    I think people teamed up on goons because of mittani’s personality. The whole running for csm and claiming to be some big successful lawyer who is so much smarter than ccp and the prior csms was very off-putting. I could go on but wont. But as for me it really had nothing to do with what he did in game it was more how he acted as person.

    I like the length when there is allot of interesting conversation with great guests like this one had.

  • Slowdive Aideron

    took me 3 days to listen to the whole think. Good stuff Jeff!

  • Damien Price Raashaw


  • schwaboy

    I always enjoy this show. Though I really wish people would not use desk microphones. Hearing your push to talk key clicks gets really irritating.

  • Speer

    JEFF! When’s the next one come out? What is this – a monthly podcast? (please say weekly)

  • Drahma Lhalma

    Great podcast Jeff and props to Asher for the Alamo stint. Playing since 2004. Made the run to nulsec for shenanigans great fun. Can you get a gang on to talk about how to increase the player base by 10k in 12 months – would love to hear view points.

  • KullaBunny

    Amazing podcast, I’ve listened to all 28 and this is one of the best. Made a long drive very short. One sitting.