The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 28


Hello everyone!


We have a MONSTER show for you this week! I was joined by:

  • Asher Elias – Goonswarm Federation
  • Sort Dragon – DARKNESS.
  • Bluemelon – Pandemic Legion
  • Mawderator – The Tuskers
  • Lenny Kravitz2 – INFAMOUS

We talked about:

  • Alliance Tournament 14 (First 60 minutes is pure AT talk)
  • The First Null-Sec Keepstar
  • EVE Gambling
  • Current State of Null-Sec
  • Are PL the new goons? 

Here’s the show[2:38:42]: The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 28   

Song: Steve Earle – Meet Me In The Alleyway

Video of the Week: Rooks and Kings – Ostara Unleashed

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About the author


JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.