The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 25



Yo what’s good everybody, we’ve got a great show for you today! I was joined by:

  • Wolfsdragoon – Spaceship Bebop
  • CCP Larrikin
  • Ashley Traynor – Lazerhawks
  • Dirk MacGirk – The Bastion
  • Julianus Soter – Villore Accords

We talked about:

  • Citadel – First impression
  • Citadel – Actual Citadel talk
  • Citadel – Capital Balance so far
  • Citadel – Wormholes
  • Low-Sec/FW Politics
  • WorldWarBee

Here’s the show[1:13:45]: The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 25   


Big Miker’s Naglfar (pls give video)

Song: Dr. John – Right Place, Wrong Time

Video of the Week: Rediroriad Asdorad – Quad Beam Laser Omen Pt 2

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JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.

  • dino

    About the new triage boats, how vulnerable are they to neuts?

    In w-space, because of bling fits and low numbers, there were two ways to kill triage carriers: using dreads or using neuts. Is it still possible to cap them out?

    • Ashy

      They’re certainly going to be able to be capped out. I think we’ll see a good number of ancillary tank FAXes though which will make them more difficult to kill, you can always kill the rest of the fleet if they can’t receive reps though

  • Druik Arbosa

    “Something something, Rapid Withdrawal being painful to be around, something something.”
    Nothing changes.