The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 18


Hello everyone! We’re back with a great show focused on our first batch of CSM candidates of the year! I was joined by:

  • Diana Olympos – Mercenary Coalition
  • Tora Bushido – Marmite Collective
  • Mr Hyde113 – Pandemic Legion
  • Noobman – Hard Knocks
  • Jin’Taan – CVA
  • Apothne – Pandemic Legion

We covered a bunch of topics such as:

  • General CSM intros
  • CSM vs Focus Groups
  • T3D Balancing
  • Ship Balancing
  • EVE’s Subscription Model

Here’s the show [1:14:21]: The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 18   Links: Mr Hyde113 for CSMXI Jin’Taan for CSMXI Noobman for CSMXI Apothne for CSMXI Tora Bushido for CSMXI Diana Olympos for CSMXI Channel Zarvox Mike’s Email Song: James Brown – Sex Machine Video of the week: ChessurSB – Vektr In-Game Channel: The JEFFRAIDER Show Ideas for the show? Want to be a guest? Talk to: DreamTrooperX Wanna win some shit (only 1 person has entered so far so ez wins)?: Send to “” Please include your char name, corporation and a question or topic suggestion! Big shoutout to EvilSqirrel of Sniggwaffe for teaching me how to equalize the audio a bit here and hopefully make it less ear-rapey! JEFFRAIDER’s Patreon (rofl fuckin sellout)


About the author


JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.