The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 18


Hello everyone! We’re back with a great show focused on our first batch of CSM candidates of the year! I was joined by:

  • Diana Olympos – Mercenary Coalition
  • Tora Bushido – Marmite Collective
  • Mr Hyde113 – Pandemic Legion
  • Noobman – Hard Knocks
  • Jin’Taan – CVA
  • Apothne – Pandemic Legion

We covered a bunch of topics such as:

  • General CSM intros
  • CSM vs Focus Groups
  • T3D Balancing
  • Ship Balancing
  • EVE’s Subscription Model

Here’s the show [1:14:21]: The JEFFRAIDER Show Episode 18   Links: Mr Hyde113 for CSMXI Jin’Taan for CSMXI Noobman for CSMXI Apothne for CSMXI Tora Bushido for CSMXI Diana Olympos for CSMXI Channel Zarvox Mike’s Email Song: James Brown – Sex Machine Video of the week: ChessurSB – Vektr In-Game Channel: The JEFFRAIDER Show Ideas for the show? Want to be a guest? Talk to: DreamTrooperX Wanna win some shit (only 1 person has entered so far so ez wins)?: Send to “” Please include your char name, corporation and a question or topic suggestion! Big shoutout to EvilSqirrel of Sniggwaffe for teaching me how to equalize the audio a bit here and hopefully make it less ear-rapey! JEFFRAIDER’s Patreon (rofl fuckin sellout)


About the author


JEFFRAIDER has been playing EVE since 2008 and has been a member of Sniggerdly, the best corporation in Pandemic Legion since 2010.


    [18:11] “Tech 3 Destroyers are now forbidden to enter Small Factional Warfare sites.”

    [18:11] 1 patch ago actually

    thanks teeb where tf were u when i needed u

    • Just disappointed about the gaps in knowledge that was on display by these hopeful candidates. Lets hope it doesnt hinder them too much.


        find me anyone in eve who knows everything

        • GrouchyOldGamer

          PGL – he invented Eve

        • I only said gaps man, no one knows everything. Not even mittens

  • AkrasjelLanate

    EVE’s Subscription Model

    Do they even have a reason to go in that direction, would droping a sub bring the needed numbers.

    AUR related microtransactions may simply be another source of income for EVE and EVE Universe related games that CCP still may make.

    • GrouchyOldGamer

      I like the sub model tbh.

      • Freelancer117

        yep, me to.

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    No mean tweets?

  • Freelancer117

    Thank you for the great show and good guests.

  • Joe

    I didn’t mind the 17th show at all.

    This one not so much. It may be that I think the csm is inherently broken because players are supposed to vote for people when they can’t know what those people do in their positions – due to nda. If democracy is to work you need to be fully informed. If the vast majority of what is said is in secret, then it’s impossible to make an informed vote.

    The other problem I had was too much time was spent suggesting ccp should follow an unsuccessful game model. If $130/year is too much to spend for a hobby then you are likely a child. I don’t really mind that eve doesn’t attract allot of children so I am not interested in “fixing” this. The economy where ccp has acknowledged plex is considered like the gold standard would spin upside down and the game would quickly change – almost certainly for the worse.

  • somedude

    More! WTF?