The Gorski CSM Report: First Week on the Job

So I figured it is time to do a quick recap of my first week on the CSM and what I have been up to. For those of you who didn’t know, I replaced Corebloodbrothers on the CSM when he decided to resign. Although I didn’t know I was next in line, it felt great to see people’s support in this thread on reddit. Later that night, I got a message from CCP Leeloo on Skype telling me that I was next in line, asking if I wanted the spot. I accepted it instantly, and CCP announced the next day, July 7th, that I was going to be on CSMX. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday and was probably the best gift I could have asked for. Once again, I loved all the support from you people over on reddit. Since this was the second time I managed to get on the CSM after people dropped out, I now assume only casuals have to actually campaign for it. During the first two days of my reign, I set up the CSMX Slack and emails etc. It wasn’t until the first meeting that I realized I had joined just after CCP decided to drop the drama-laden change to null sec wormholes. I wasn’t on the CSM when that stuff was discussed and tried my best to ignore and stay out of it. I spent the next few days trying to catch up on current events and discussions within the CSM, a process I’m familiar with from the last time I joined half-way through the year. One difference from last year is that I will actually be attending a summit in Iceland. I know I got a lot of criticism for not being as active as I should have been during the winter summit for CSM 9 due to time constraints and work. This time, however, I have taken time off work and will be in Iceland to attend all meetings. Directly after the summit, I am going to visit EVE Nottingham. The schedule should be tight but doable. That’s going to be a really great experience, and I have already started gathering bullet points and talking to friends and other people about changes and improvements to certain aspects of the game. I also got access to Confluence, CCP’s internal communications system, which means that I can make suggestions, comment on game developments and provide feedback. This, of course, is what I do the most of while I’m on the CSM. I have asked CCP Leeloo, and I am allowed to share my suggestions without breaking the NDA. In my first week, I suggested CCP make three changes I would love to see. The first was a rework of the Punisher frigate into a rocket frigate. Right now, the Punisher is the weakest frigate, in my opinion. It shares a role and competes with the Tormentor and, on some level, the Executioner, both which are better PvP ships. I suggested reworking the Punisher into a missile ship to provide a stepping stone to the other rocket ships in the Amarr lineup such as the Vengeance and Sacrilege The second suggestion I made was some small UI tooltips for overheating. Specifically, show how much nanite would be required to repair a module and potentially an estimated repair time. I also would love if it was possible to do partial repairs and hide passive modules that are not damaged by heat. The last one I made was a simple change to the ISIS page to help our newer guys out a bit. ss+(2015-07-12+at+09.51.52) Basically, I wanted the role icons in ISIS to be clickable in order to highlight all ships in the tree that shared that role. I think it would be a great way for newer guys using the ISIS system to see which ship to train for next if they enjoy that role. That’s all I have done for the first week, but I am looking forward to giving you all more updates. It is quieter during the summer, but I know the work can ramp up quickly, and there is a lot of work to do for CSM members. One thing is sure, though, I hope that I can leave this CSM term having made the game a better place. The last time I was on the council, we got warp speed rigs, BC warp speed buffed and Skynet, one of the most broken forms of “elite” PvP, removed, and I hope to achieve more this year. For the rest of my term, I really want to focus on helping FW and making sure the rework is going to be good. I am also obviously going to comment on ship balance and any new additions to the available ships in EVE. I would also love to try to get links removed from the game, but I know that is not going to be easy and will be met with a lot of resistance.  
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Gorski Car

Gorski Car was a CSM 9 member whose theorycrafting and knowledge of mechanics has had a key role in helping CCP adjust how we play EVE. He is an avid small gang PvPer with a background in lowsec, but flies in all areas of space, depending on his fancy.