The Future of EVE-Sports

In the months and weeks leading up to the much anticipated 13th Alliance Tournament of EVE Online, the discussion within the community revolved as much around the future of of EVE as an e-sport, as it did around the tournament itself. Speaking with CCP as early as Fanfest this year, AT enthusiasts got worrying signals from CCP that there would not be as much emphasis on EVE as an e-sport directly from CCP going forward. Since then however, CCP have let on that they very much intend to heavily support player-run EVE-sports events instead. This became increasingly clear when CZ received an interesting update from #EVE_NT Collides organiser (and CZ contributor) Nashh Kadavr yesterday. #EVE_NT Collides will be receiving 150 unique SKINs to give out as prizes for this season of the championship. You heard it here first. These skins will not be available anywhere else and will exclusively be limited to the 150 given out. The prizes will be divided amongst the teams as follows: 1st place: 45 SKINs 2nd place: 30 SKINs 3rd place: 20 SKINs 4th place: 15 SKINs 5th-8th place: 10 SKINs The first seven teams to be invited to this season of Collides are well known names:  Pandemic Legion, Warlords of the Deep, Camel Empire, Exodus., Shadow Cartel, Hard Knocks and Tuskers Co. Within an hour of the invitation going out, both Tuskers Co. and Hard Knocks had accepted, with more to surely follow. The expert commentators for this season should be no strangers to the community either, with names like Chessur, Apothne, SirSqueeebles, Bei Artjay, Bob Shaftoes, Suitonia, Gorski Car and Biohazard, along with guest commentators showing up as the season progresses.

What is #EVE_NT Collides?

The idea to create Collides – a  serious, player-run championship that would run regularly and include expert commentary – came from Bei Artjay (Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork). Inspired by the Worlds Collide event at Fanfest 2015, he set about the task of making the monthly 5-man team contest a reality. He was soon joined by #EVE_NT organiser (one the largest player-run EVE events in the world) Nashh Kadavr. Thus the name #EVE_NT Collides was born. Due to RL commitments on the part of Bei, he had to step down from ownership to a producer position, making Nashh the sole owner of the championship. You can read more about the origins of #EVE_NT Collides in this article by Nashh. So far, three bouts have been broadcast, run in a best of five, 5 vs. 5 format. You can see all of them on the official #EVE_NT Collides website.

CCP support and the future of EVE-sports

While CCP have been supporting #EVE_NT Collides since the start (CCP as a company sanctioning the championship and individual devs helping out with each episode on their free time), this new season shows them finally commit to their promise of supporting player-run EVE championships and tournaments in a concrete way. The unique SKIN provided by CCP for the championship will mean that there are real prizes to hand out, whereas the previous season was only for bragging rights. This means that more teams will be able to motivate participating and spending time theorycrafting and practising for the championship. While it might be argued that CCP should commit further as a company, rather than individual devs putting in their free time to help out, this is most certainly a step in the right direction. It strengthens #EVE_NT Collides’ position as the premiere player-run EVE-sports event and serves as an inspiration to others interested in organising player tournaments. Winter may be coming, but we’ll have eight, top quality bouts to look forward to, giving EVE-sports enthusiasts quality content each month and breathing new life into EVE as an e-sport.  
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  • Ben Ishikela

    But for me there are vital questions open:
    What does someone have to do to participate? Do you even want other “notSoFamousTeams” to try themselves at 5v5 pvp?
    What is the format? -> Will this be like leagues or is it a single tournament?
    Unless these facts are taken care of, its another elite event with lots of media attention but without involving the huge playerbase. Come out of your ivory towers and invent a format where “2nd Tier”-Teams can have a brawl!
    How about something like leagues of 10 teams, where there is one month of time for everyone to organize a match against each other 9 in that same league. Every Win gets a point. Most points on end of month -> up one League. Least -> one down.
    Hire a SoftwareEngineer to build a website, where Teams can sign up and request dates from the other teams. The dates of these matches are send to the public, after a judge has confirmed to be there. Matches has to be controlled by a judge.

    What can CCP do?
    Introduce a tournament-deployable: small deployable, it has an inverted forcefield. Nothing can pass the barrier from the time it is online. Online Time=5minutes (forwarning). Then it decloaks everything in 100km radius. Then after another 5minutes it activates the forcefield. It selfdestructs after another 10minutes (or other match duration). Nothing can cloak there. Everyone inside the bubble will become suspect (for highsec fun). The 10minute preparation time is enough to GTFO if someone wants to catch your unprotected freighter with it, or is it?! xD

    Sorry that i dont have time to do it myself. However dont get me wrong, i like what EVE_ntCollides has done so far!

  • callduron

    The teams invited are actually the top 8 from AT XIII minus Nulli (which is disbanding).

  • Kamar Raimo

    “one the largest player-run EVE events in the world”

    Oh Niden, you do love your superlatives. One day you will make it into Goonswarm’s Corps Diplomatique with your talent for spin.

    That being said, I loved EVE_NT Collides. It was amazing to watch and I am looking forward to visiting EVE_NT in two weeks.

    Also I have an unhealthy boycrush on Nashh and Gorski 😀

  • Harri

    What about including lesser known or unknown teams? Perhaps in addition to well known “elite” teams found in the Alliance Tournament games? Sort of an opening act type of thing. Sometimes opening acts are better than the headliner act.


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