The Frigate Menace


Hello friends. Gorski Car here to discuss assault frigates! This class of ships has been falling out of favor for some time now and was only just recently thrown a small bone when tactical destroyers were removed from small complexes in Factional Warfare. Apart from this, they are always outclassed by the tactical destroyers in all scenarios.

While some of them still have some small uses left, like the Harpy in the occasional nullsec fleet, they are a rare sight outside of Factional Warfare space. In this article I am going to propose some changes to this ship class which is in much need of some help.

The speed creep

In their current state assault frigates are on average 26% slower than T1 frigates. We can compare this to heavy assault cruisers who are on average only 3% slower than their T1 counterparts.

All speeds assuming microwarpdrive and all V skills


Assume Microwarpdrive and all V skills


In order to help close this gap a bit I propose an overall 10% speed buff across the board to all assault frigates. This would put assault frigates around interdictor speed and close the gap to T1 frigates to about 15% as opposed to 26%.


I personally think this small boost is all that’s needed to make some assault frigates great again.

It is, however, not enough for an unfortunate few of them that are almost beyond help at the moment.

Role bonuses

All assault frigates have a role bonus reducing the signature of microwarpdrives by 50%. This bonus is not a bad one at all, but I feel like it’s not exactly what these ships need for some of their most common roles like heavy frigate tackle or close-range brawling. The current bonus is actually quite helpful at the time when you are spiraling in on your target to get into engagement range and under their guns, but it’s not really useful once you are within the reach of an enemy scram. At that point you can almost always count on being both counter webbed and scrammed, and then the bonus does nothing for you.

At the moment assault frigates can actually be beat by cleverly flown T1 frigates

This is one issue of assault frigates where I have seen a number of different suggestions over the times. The most popular among those are web resistance or an afterburner speed bonus. Certainly good and strong bonuses that would help the assault frigates hugely, but I wonder if they are not going to disrupt the balance of small-scale or solo PvP with frigates. At the moment assault frigates can actually be beat by cleverly flown T1 frigates and certainly by T1 destroyer pilots. Making them too powerful in certain ways could make that impossible.

I discussed this with my good friend Suitonia and we realized that currently every assault frigate has a utility high-slot that is very rarely used due to the tight fitting resources this ship class suffers from. So we figured why not give assault frigates a ~90% fitting reduction for energy nosferatus.

I am a big fan of this idea as it would help them to maintain tackle once the target is scram/webbed and such a bonus would not disrupt solo frigate PvP much since nosferatus can only drain cap if yours is lower. It also helps a lot against T1 cruisers or even bigger ships which have the ability to fit an energy neutralizer in the utility high-slot. Additionally it’s of course another button to click, and that’s always more fun than a passive bonus.

Another thing we discussed was to just provide a straight-up resistance to energy neutralizers instead, and I feel that could also somewhat work, but it would be less fun.

What I haven’t talked about with Suitonia is the possibility to add some sort of ECM/EWAR resistance. The heavy assault cruisers already have this to some degree with their high sensor strength. Assault frigates could very well use that too, but I don’t think it further helps them with their role, even if it would be somewhat useful in certain situations.

Let’s dig into more specifics regarding the different assault frigates!

Specific assault frigate suggestions


The Amarr ships are usually heavily armor-tanked with low speeds, using lasers as primary weapons with drones and missiles as secondary ones.



The Retribution is a laser based platform which currently sees most use as a slower but more tanky version of the Slicer. This is due to its high optimal range bonus coupled with the long range of either beams or Scorch on pulse lasers. It is also one of two assault frigates with only two mid slots, meaning it can’t actually bring much else than DPS to the field. This is why I feel the current Retribution with only 5 effective turrets is too weak to fulfil its only role.

The change for this could be to replace the tracking bonus with a 5% rate of fire bonus. This would however result in a 33% damage boost. That might be a bit too much for some people but they should remember that the Retribution doesn’t really have much else to bring to the table.

Another possibility could be to give it a small drone bay similar to the Tormentor. This would provide a bit more complexity to the ship in the first seconds of the fight, especially if flying a kiting-fit version where you have to maintain an initial orbit, point, activate all modules and launch drones. I could see how two or three drones definitely could help this ship.

I would also like to give it a boost to both speed and mass to indirectly make up for the loss of the tracking bonus.



Overall I feel the Vengeance is actually quite a strong brawler, even if not very popular due to being outshined by the Hawk. It does however have some problems. For starters it has one of those capacitor regeneration bonuses that just feels unfun. I think that all bonuses should feel strong and powerful and complement the ship in fighting. This is a bonus that might as well be baked into the ship and no one would care. That would leave a slot open for another bonus.

I suggest replacing this with a 5% bonus to application of missiles (i.e. explosion radius and velocity). A raw DPS bonus would not be needed as this ship already hits quite hard and can select its damage type. A bonus to application would however help fits deciding to drop the web for a cap booster in order to dual rep.

Another thing I noticed is that the Vengeance is quite starved for CPU, having to fit a bunch of rocket launchers and a lot of low slots, so I would also suggest a tiny boost to base CPU.


Like the Amarr, Gallente also favor armor tank, but with some additional hull tanking to boost it. Their ships are usually a very high in DPS, using close-range blasters or long-range rails with drones.



I am actually a big fan of the high-DPS blaster Enyo fits that barely tank while doing as much damage as possible right in your face. The addition of the hull HP rigs did this ship a huge favour and it is actually in my opinion currently in a very good spot. It would probably not need further changes other than the speed boost and role bonuses suggested for all assault frigates.



This ship… I do not even know where to begin with it. The bonuses it gets are all over the place and it seems to come from a time where 5 drones on a frigate was already considered overpowered, even if they don’t get a damage bonus. I do not know whether CCP intends this to be a blaster ship or a drone ship or just considers it a jack of all trades – master of none.

Let’s start with this bonus: 5 m^3 bonus to ship drone bay capacity per Assault Frigate level.

This just feels like a horrible bonus that is rarely used and built in on all other similar ships, yet the Ishkur gets to live with it as one of its bonuses. It’s like saying “Hey if you train assault frigates to max you get to bring an additional flight of drones”. Doesn’t exactly feel worth it does it? This bonus would be the first to go if I were to redesign this ship.

Next up is the 10% drone HP bonus. Yes, this is a bit confusing and I have had many players come to me and say “Hey the Ishkur is good, it gets a nice drone flight with damage bonuses!” and they are always surprised when I tell them no. The Ishkur does not actually get a damage bonus to its drones, but they can soak more damage themselves.

Apart from those two, this ship gets a 5% damage boost to hybrids and a 10% optimal range bonus. Both are hardly good bonuses and I would probably redesign this ship to focus way more on drones, using blasters more as a sidearm to kill damaged foes or other drones.

Suggestions here would be to replace the bonuses with: 10% drone damage/hp and 10% hybrid tracking for the Gallente Frigate skill and give 7.5% drone velocity and 10% drone tracking on the Assault Frigate skill. All of those at the same time might however be too strong, so I wouldn’t mind removing the bonus to drone hitpoints or look at reducing the tracking bonus.


Combining heavy shield with decent damage using either hybrids or rockets, the Caldari have the two most powerful assault frigates. The Hawk is one of the strongest brawling frigates – especially in small FW plexes – and the Harpy shines as a long-range rail platform with high tank. With its dual range bonuses and high resistances it’s actually viable as a 0.0 doctrine ship.

I do not really think these ships need much help other then a small speed increase and additional role bonus that all other Assault frigates will get.


Minmatar are a race using fast ships that can be either armor or shield tank using projectile turrets as their main weapon, or in some rare cases missiles. In general Minmatar ships tend to be very flexible but unfortunately largely fell out of favour with the EVE playerbase recently, except the Svipul.



This ship is the other assault frigate that has only two mid slots. It does, however, have quite high DPS with decent projection and tracking compared to the Retribution, and its selectable damage types make it quite usable. There are some decent useful artillery fits that work quite well if you are a high tier pilot, despite what a certain zkill guide tells you.

With that said they are not without problems. I would probably look at giving them a further speed boost and maybe consider increasing the tracking bonus to 10%.



Now here, on the other hand, we have some proper shit. This ship is more confused than some of the moderators on the tweetfleet slack. It has a very strange slot layout without any focus. Ontop of that it lacks the fitting to actually use all those mids and low slots effectively. Its DPS is also really low with only 3 guns. The Jaguar’s one redeeming quality is its high speed. It can even fit somewhat of a decent tank if you choose to sacrifice all else.

I suggest reworking this ship entirely into something like a tiny version of the Claymore, skipping the projectile turrets all together and switch the focus solely on rockets with a secondary bonus to active shield boosters.

This change would also provide a nice progression from the Breacher.

The new bonuses would be 5% missile rate of fire and 7.5% shield boost per level of Minmatar Frigates and 5% missile damage plus 5% explosion velocity per level of Assault Frigate skill. This would give it more DPS than the Hawk for non-kinetic damage types but less for kinetic.

The whole slot layout also needs to be changed in order to give the ship 4 launcher slots and keeping the utility high. Ideally I would like to see the ship at a 5H 4M 3L layout.


Thanks to Suitonia for the awesome discussion regarding these ships. I hope CCP can find time to balance this long forgotten class of ships that is actually quite fun to fly and provides some extra firepower compared to their T1 counterparts.


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About the author

Gorski Car

Gorski Car was a CSM 9 member whose theorycrafting and knowledge of mechanics has had a key role in helping CCP adjust how we play EVE. He is an avid small gang PvPer with a background in lowsec, but flies in all areas of space, depending on his fancy.

  • Rob Kaichin

    What’s the reason for buffing AF speeds instead of nerfing T1 speeds?

    Speedcreep sucks for so many reasons.

    • NerfBoat

      T1 frig are OK and don’t need a nerf, boosting AF speed is needed and won’t break nothing.

      • Rob Kaichin

        “won’t break nothing”

        Double negative…

        Personally I’d prefer it if T1 frigs behaved like T1 frigs, instead of T1.9 (or in some cases T2.5).

        • NerfBoat

          Got poor english skill sry.. T1 frigates are the most funny ships, lot of possibility and counters, and it’s normal that they are the most agile and fast, see no problems at all with the class ship. I would prefrer a sig and speed nerf to tactical destroyer.

  • Fearlesslittletoaster

    Don’t you lay one dirty finger on the Vengeance cap bonus. That, combined with the armor resist bonus, allow a well fit one to perma-tank

    over 120 DPS without any crazy fitting. Throw in an afterburner for speed tanking and the outstanding damage application of rockets against drones and you can fit one up that will gut most cruisers in a 1v1 without doing anything crazy expensive.

    I have plenty more, but no time to go over my killboard. Still, look at the hull on Z-Kill and you will see that if flown correctly it can punch almost comically above its weight, and that is almost entirely due to the cap regen bonus.

    • gorski

      I suggested to bake that bonus into the ship itself.

      • Fearlesslittletoaster

        So you did, my apologies. That’s what I get for commenting when I’m in too much of a rush to read carefully.

  • Provi Miner

    The jag…… is the ugly duckling of the dance. One sees her and thinks that is so ugly that its almost pretty. The Jag is the BSDM ship of the frigate class

  • Bozo

    Thanks for doing CCP’s work and trying to make that class of ships interesting.

  • Lady Ayeipsia

    One thought…. If the Jag becomes a progression from the breacher, would 3 launchers and a flight of 2 or 3 drones be a better option matching the breacher’s rocket/drone mix?

  • Nim

    About the Retribution: Laser’s tracking, and you know it, is shitty as fuck. The Retribution needs that tracking to be able to apply DPS in a decent manner with beams and pulses. It’s 1 of the only 2 Amarr ships that does apply DPS correctly thanks to that tracking bonus IMO – the other one is the Coercer. Think about something else and DON’T touch that tracking. And even with that tracking bonus, if the enemy kites you at 3-4k, without a web your damage application is none. It lacks speed, a lot, in a way that you have issues anti-kiting enemies even with beams, because they’re faster and they can outclass the Retribution placing themselves at +20kms, keeping you outmanouvered and out of range completely, while sniping you. You can land a couple lucky shots with, say, auroras but the damage would be very little. It lacks capacitor, to the point you can’t hold an active tank, if not for just 3 cycles… and then goodbye. It’s got more DPS than a Punisher and T2 resistances, but it’s even shittier because it’s slower, and with even less cap.

    • Suitonia

      Boosting the base speed would help offset the tracking bonus, the problem is the retribution doesnt provide much in the way of DPS for a platform that only offers DPS to a gang, it does the same DPS of the Crusader (An Interceptor).

  • trollsroyce

    The first thing that sprung to mind was to give them neut resist. Agree that NOS bonus does the same or better.

    I would add smartbomb and 2-racial enemy ewar resistance for flavour.

    T3d should ofc be nerfed.

    • trollsroyce

      The ewar resistance means e.g. Minmatar having resistance vs. Amarr and Caldari (td, ecm).

  • Q Sertorius

    Overall these look like good suggestions.

  • JZ909

    I agree that Assault Frigates are in need of help, but I feel like this proposal doesn’t distinguish them enough from T3Ds. The reason being is that “heavy tackle” is not really a thing. Fleets have some combination of interceptors, interdictors and command destroyers to gain initial tackle, and then electronic attack ships, recons, or just mainline DPS hold the enemy. A Hyena with a long point and a web is infinately more useful and survivable than an AF that can be range-controlled and killed before it can even turn on a NOS. With no useful tackle role, that leaves AFs as just faster, but otherwise weaker damage dealers than TD3s. I think AFs need a reenvisioning of their role to truly make them useful.

  • Punching bag

    I like the idea of making their mwd scram immune as an additional role bonus.

    • Dankkarr

      Will make them unbeatable in 1v1 so they will not be balanced

  • CarlGustav

    What you should consider when it comes to all ship balancing is that from your perspective a specific ships is good or bad but you got the following scenarios.

    a# Ratting
    b# burner missions
    c# missioning
    d# Lowsec pirating
    e# FW
    f# small fleets
    g# large fleet combat

    there should in my book be ships from every race that is good at each one of thoes types above.
    but every ship should not be good at every role.

    From a bigfleet perspective bringing an ceptor, TD, AF well the AF is worth less then the others. as its bonus to MWD means jack shit when it comes to pointing some thing in Cruiser online that realy nullsec have become.

    I think from a PVP perspective from Lowsec/FW/Smallfleets the 3 Midslots is the MUST.
    Bigfleet its advantagus to have 3 mids but not a must.

    In my book that means ATLEAST 1 AF from each race should work well in smallgang/FW/lowsec do they do that?
    then its OK.

    I still think that AF needs a rebalance but that could be fixed by managing the AF bonus on the hulls i think.

    also make the two AF different’
    1x tanky
    1x fast/lowsig

    give you options of beeing a heavy hitter or a fast runner.

    changing the AF bonus to apply sig lowering by 10% and 10% higher base speed to the faster one and a 4% armour/shield bonus to the tankier one. would realy make them standout

    like the Rupture vs the Stabber thinking.

  • ras

    Surely the answer to T3D’s being too powerful is to nerf them and not buff other stuff?

    I’ve only flown the Jag. I am okay with it being slow, at least compared to other frigs, but it is also sluggish as fuck. It feels like a cruiser.