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Myself and Jeg decided from the start to take this whole new ‘columns’ thing with baby steps which is why we started with three writers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we knew could give us entertaining and informative articles every week. The plan was to take baby steps and at some point in the future, introduce columnists on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you have an excuse to visit CZ every day of the week.

Forlorn, HVAC and Sindel have been submitting some great pieces and the reception we have had from you guys has been way beyond our wildest expectations. This has accelerated our plans somewhat so we are very pleased indeed to announce two new writers here on CZ to make our weekday schedule complete – none other than Niden and Mangala Solaris!

Niden is going to be writing a brand new column for Tuesdays – Lowlife! Lowlife is a column covering all aspects of life in low sec from piracy to faction warfare, small gang PvP and even a little of the solo variety. Niden brings a wealth of experience with him having fought for Gallente Militia for over a year with the Vilore Accords alliance. His first piece is due this coming Tuesday and it is just about the best introduction to low sec I have ever read.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 08.43.52What Mangala Solaris doesn’t know about life in high sec probably isn’t worth knowing and he plans on sharing some of his knowledge and experience every Thursday here on CZ. As the head of RvB and organiser of the infamous RvB Ganked, there are few individuals in Eve better placed to represent the high sec lifestyle than Mangala. On top of all this, he manages to be an engaged and important member of CSM8 and I’m sure his experiences there may pop up in a column or two.

And that leaves the CZ schedule as follows:

MondayForlorn Wongraven (0.0 politics and PvP, Pandemic Legion, economics)

TuesdayNiden (low sec, piracy, faction warfare)

WednesdayHVAC Repairman (0.0 politics and PvP, Goonswarm, Dust 514)

ThursdayMangala Solaris (high sec, RvB, CSM)

FridaySindel Pellion (whatever the fuck she likes – it’s Sindel after all!)

We’re incredibly happy with our Monday to Friday line up and we hope you are too! And if you want to see your name up in lights with the luminaries, we are accepting guest submissions to run over the weekend. Please drop me an email – xander <at> crossingzebras <dot> com so we can have a chat about what you have planned and whether it’s the kind of thing we are looking for.

As always, we’d love your feedback on the new site lineup but remember and keep it constructive 😉

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