The EVE Universe Podcast – Episode 3


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EVE Universe Podcast is the latest in a long line of offerings to bring you the best content and discussion about our favorite online spaceship game. Bringing in experts from around New Eden with the express intent of putting EVE Online into context for YOU fellow Empyrean. News, updates, and the lore are all picked apart by our expert panel and guests.


The EVE Universe Podcast – Episode 3


The Panel

  • The voice of the novice: Pockets DK – CEO of MALRO @PocketsDK
  • The voice of fleet conflict and PvP – Silver Alliance XO for FEDUP
  • The voice of Emergent Lore in EVE – Makoto Priano Commander of ARC @MakotoPriano
  • The voice of New Eden – Ashterothi Commander of FEDUP @Ashterothi


Topic One Into the Abyss


The Lore You Know Double Feature

Opening Music: Galatea Theme

Closing Music: Alpha Dirtbag – Sindel Pellion

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About the author


Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.

  • Kamar Raimo

    Correction: It’s not the interrogator who plays with the game token, but the “archeotech” contact of Sariel who gave them the pointer for that comet site. That guy – if he is the same – seems to be some shadowy agent of parties unknown. Maybe he was behind the setup of the retrieval crew.