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Over the last year the backstory, and universe of EVE has gone from being largely ignorable background, to an active, engageable part of EVE Online. Hydrostatic podcast has produced a series of “lore panels” where we bring together some of the best and brightest from EVE lore community to break down current events, and backstory. With over 16 hours of explanation, prediction, and outright tinfoil later, we have come a long way both in our understanding of the lore, and as a team.

With the coming of ascension, and the Drifter-based New Player Experience, we felt it was important to make a “starting over” episode to catch up new and old alike on the main characters, and events in our unfolding space opera.  

We hope and plan to make more of these, as well as further lore updates to keep you informed and educated. We wouldn’t want some week old Alpha schooling you on the Drifter threat, do we?

Without further ado: The EVE Lore Panel:

Panel Members:

Ashterothi – @ashterothi
Alizabeth – @AlizabethVea
Mark 726 – @webspaceships 
Morwen Lagann – @morwenlagann
Uriel Anteovnuecci – @anteovnuecci


* Empress Catiz I
* Jove
* Drifters
* Hilen Tukoss
* Matshi Raish
* Upwell (Yari)/Serpentis

Other Races

* Minmatar (Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor)
* Gallente (President Roden)
* Caldari (Chief Executive Panel – CEOs of the Big 8?)
* The late Jamyl Sarum
* Blood Raiders

Emergent Threats:…
Hilen Tukoss Broadcast:…
Empress Jamyl’s Coronation:…

Fore more on the lore, read the 101 lore primer.

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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.