The Blue Sea of Imperium Sov

As a first time writer here, I will be forward in saying I am not a writer, or an expert on any subject matter. However, as an active and long time player of EVE Online, I have seen many changes over the years, and Aegis sov lit my eyes with stars and sparkles. Like all EVE players, I started my days in highsec, and was rather quickly recruited into a corp. Over time and making friends, a few of us decided against the carebear ways of the CEO and we left. Forming our own alliance, we had several great years of being highsec war deccers, who survived the “perma-war-dec” period before CCP finally fixed that particular issue. Not long after this, most of the corp decided it was time to migrate into null; we had made billions on our war deccing campaigns and it was the logical move for a corp of our size. Even then, in March 2014, I didn’t like sov space, and I left my friends in no more than six days. The main reason was that my corp mates had agreed to “rent” space, and this just didn’t sit well with me. Never will. Surely this was not the state of sov?
“…quite simply one of the greatest ISK making moves for these huge power bloc holders…”
Paying someone else your ISK for being in their space – quite simply one of the greatest ISK making moves for these huge power bloc holders – to me is not what sov in EVE is about. Retrospectively looking at it, taking and claiming sov then was out of the picture for a highly successful PvP group of 30 pilots. It would never be possible. These systems were long fought over, and huge established entities reside within. Power blocs. Then came the update regarding Multiboxing and input automation from CCP, effectively screwing a lot of the players in null blocs and beyond. No longer being able to ISBox their fleets or log-ins (some in the community argue they still use ISBox legit), thus crippling their ability to pay the “space-rent”. It’s a game for fuck sake. Sov shouldn’t need to have this kind of entry level. Since Aegis sov was broadly announced, the EVE community has been up in arms, in support, or against the changes, but why? Perhaps now a small group of 30 can take and hold sov? Space rental programs were scrapped and abolished almost immediately, while some fools continued to pay ISK for sov that was being abandoned all around them. I joined friends flying with Quovis, Bastion Alliance (Imperium) in May this year. It was great when we had the PvP guys online, fearless and willing to go after a kill, they have my respect. We had some fun fleets and good roams. The rest of the time when I would be online, it would only be industry pilots, or five guys and their 24 alts. How many other sov alliances have corps that are just full of alts? JumpFatigueb412 Perhaps it has something to do with being a corp director in the past, but almost every time I logged in I would be “told” to get somewhere, join some fleet, get on comms. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? So much content the minute I log in, I am being given options. No! It is content, but only in a loose interpretation of the word. These fleets are either entosis defence fleets, or being set up to hot-drop something “juicy”. When your 57 man fleet takes that jump bridge, and you land on six T3 destroyers, you are lucky if you can even lock a target, and even more lucky if you do more than 0.5% damage. These fleets are boring, lasting up to 3 hours with very little to show for that time. Oh, except for a PAP link. PAP links are a means of measuring corp activity within the alliance, with FCs only making the link available to you if you stay the full 3 hours. You click the link and it saves your participation in whatever system you are currently occupying. Every now and then corp directors will moan about us needing more PAP links for the Imperium. These links add up, showing how active your corp is in the alliance and they have only been used by PvP pilots (in my experience). So it was hypocritical of them to ask me to get more PAP-links, when I know that of the 40 members online, 31 of them have never been in a PvP fleet with me. Ever.
“It’s safer than starting in an NPC corp in highsec.”
When you only log in for a few hours each day and your time is being demanded somewhere to do virtually nothing, it creates a drain. I was no longer enjoying logging into EVE, all because of what boring activity my alliance may want to be doing that day. When some of the EU PvP guys decided to go and play Elite Dangerous or other games for a while, it killed my enjoyment of being in the alliance anymore. The Imperium is surrounded by blues, it has secret deals with third parties not to entosis each other’s stuff locally, and has an extensive IT support system including various means of communicating with players outside of the game. A pretty solid place. It’s safer than starting in an NPC corp in highsec. Aegis sov should be something great, now it’s a “hybrid” release schedule, this is our best hope to see these sov mechanic changes by CCP going through. Big releases generate media attention for the game, and perhaps something of this scale can’t be done on a six week rotation.  Players are able to nitpick and decimate all planned changes in each patch-notes update every six weeks, and they will. The longer CCP are spending time with the disruptive children in the class, the more the rest of us suffer. We don’t have a full Aegis sov yet, but players are leaving null. The smarter players are moving to lowsec. Aegis sov will be more combat focused, more small-fleet and FC dependant. Lowsec is the natural choice for that environment in game just now. You will need active PvPers who know what they are doing in every system you want to call your own. Sov is changing but what are the other power blocs doing about their playstyle? Citadels will see the repopulation of null sov, but how that sov map looks in three months time is anyone’s guess.  
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About the author

Jason Quixos

Jason Quixos has played EVE Online for just over 5 years. Having started in high sec with a successful war-deccing alliance, he has made several failed attempts at enjoying life in null sec. He currently has fingers in a few pies.

  • Kamar Raimo

    Ok, so there are people who say that if you get enough PAP links to fulfill your quota you actually get paid for what you do above and beyond that. That effectively means you get paid ISK to go and PvP. What’s your stance on that?

    • Bisu Deckryder

      its doesn’t actually happen lol. Nerd I know was the top paper in the entire cfc for a month and didn’t get a single isk for it.

      • pics or didn’t happen

        given that individual pilot pap stats don’t actually get released beyond whatever corp they’re in, I can help but feel they’re talking out their ass

        • callduron

          Johnny Rah’s been top on Evekill a few times. As Twizzle says it’s up to your corp, maybe Johnny should shop around.

      • Twizzlespark

        Different corporations have different policies to reward active members, and some do pay isk as incentive

      • Kamar Raimo

        Dunno it’s what I heard from people in SMA.

    • The only payments were from the SRP programs. Depending on what ships you fly, you can make a profit from this alone.

    • callduron

      Yeah it happens I know of corps that give cash or ship prizes for their top pvpers. I won one actually.

      Seems fine to me, someone wants something so they offer money, isn’t that how all trade works?

      Tbh though I’d have made much more isk just pvping the minimum and spending the time ratting.

  • Talvorian Dex

    Confirming players are leaving null for low. Source: I did it myself, and I’m not the only one. Null is boring, and sov ownership for the established blocs has been bereft of its impetus.

    • Germaq

      I just stopped logging in completely

  • Zappity

    Join a good corp and null is tremendously fun and active right now.

    The Imperium is too competent to not change their direction siibsoon. They will die a slow death otherwise.

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    Why because you don’t enjoy playing in null do you imply players who do are stupid?

  • assistedmentalitykillz2game

    ‘The smarter players are moving to lowsec’ if you are bored, try not being a goon rather than uttering nonsense

  • AFK

    Well unless you didn’t notice there was quite a brawl in null this week, 500bil+ down?

    I have to wonder whether you CFC types are not just simple in the brain. Now for years I’ve been suggesting to you types “if you don’t enjoy it, leave” and the only response I got back was “this is how we play the game, lol elite pvp, we are in in to build empires not to fight yada yada yada”, the usual koolaid. So, well done on, eventually, waking up and leaving. However now your type is doing something else, going to lowsec and claiming all of null is dead. You’re still hooked on that koolaid. Here’s a suggestion, go out, with a small-medium group of people to somewhere other than the north (yes, other areas of 0.0 exist), make a plan and objective, and do something in 0.0. Then come back and write an article about it.

    • I dont claim all of null is dead. Come back when you have read the article. It may be one players views, but the other comments from current and former CFC players agree. The rest of article states what I think the smart alliances are doing in low sec.

      • Kamar Raimo

        “The rest of article states what I think the smart alliances are doing in low sec.”

        There’s one problem I have with that statement. It’s only true for certain values of smart.

  • Tao BeiFun

    Good article,
    thanks mate.

    I think a lot of what you describe is true, but if low is realy the new way for the future sov i dont know. At the moment you still have the mega-uber-powerlocs there. For example Gallente/Caldari Low Space here you find snuff, snigg, shadow or what ever these 00 pets call them self. The have the power from 00 in thier back and own like every moon there. AND THATS IT.

    Hopefully 00 and low sill change a lot soon.
    Have fun

  • KRH

    As his former CEO, I concur this a well written piece, and we’ll take something away from it. Thank you for that, Jason 🙂

    • Was always good on a corp level, except for the Altopia that was rife.

  • “…The Imperium is surrounded by blues, it has secret deals with third parties not to entosis each other’s stuff locally…”

    Two corrections: the deals are not secret, thney are available on GSF’s wiki; and they do not cover being locally they are global. IE Imp and xDx will not, in any way, entosis or agrees each other. This efevtivly makes the top 1/2 of null-sec a boring blue wastelant. One of the reasons I left FCON after nearly 4 years.

  • Saint Michael’s Soul

    PFR. Are recruiting. You can run your own fleets. You can hit anyone around us. You can even fight TEST non-stop if you want.

    Also, nice to see a Goon article back on Crossing Zebras – Website politics are rubbish.

    • I know not of the website politics. As a community of players, this is the type of media that is needed for all. Unbiased. Uncensored. And shared.

  • Viince_Snetterton

    Just another article proving that CCP has to make a really hard decision, and soon. (OK, too late, I just read the dev post about skills for ISK)

    goons won Eve a couple years ago. The result is the hegemony we witness every day in null. Peace on such a large scale may be great in real life (depending on the rulers), but in a video game, not so much. The blue doughnut has proven very profitable for the cartel leaders, and boredom and/ or frustration for everyone else.

    To stop the bleeding of subs, CCP has to realize that they must utterly destroy the cartels. That means a massive overhaul of the game mechanics, and display utter ruthlessness with goons, specifically (time to start looking at the ISK suppliers to the RMT sites, not just the buyers, and applying the same hammer across all groups equally).

    The game mechanics must be changed so large groups cannot exist, period, full stop. I know the typical goon propagandists and other RMT’ers will start the propaganda machine stating that “you can’t stop cartels because of human nature and out of game social engineering.” That is of course, completely false.

    The only way CCP survives is if they allow small / medium groups an opportunity to survive, even thrive. And that means breaking every construct that stops that today. If CCP lets this go on any longer, the sub body will drop below some critical mass and Eve withers.

    • Kamar Raimo

      To claim that some stable and admittedly boring for some nullsec empire will destroy the game is about as sensible as James315’s idiotic rants that the existence of a safe highsec means the slow death for EVE. Complacent people ratting in SRPd carriers just mean green killboards and income for the predators.

  • Azure and Argent

    I don’t know who your FC was, but 3 hours for a pap doesn’t happen. Hell, I got 2 yesterday without undocking.

  • Dermeisen

    Excellent article, cheers

  • Michele Manfredi

    thnx foziesov ! every day i think ccp don’t play eve online…now all good ppl are out null…now the new meta is wh(awesome fucking space) …low(easy access and fast gameplay) and NULL (boring place, boring fleet for boosting index and NO FUCKING FIGHT). With fozie sov true null is dead.

    • AFK

      Careful there, you’ll go upsetting the narrative. Don’t let it be known that in eve you enjoy fights more than ~protecting the space tribe~.

  • Michele Manfredi

    thnx foziesov ! every day i think ccp don’t play eve online…now all good ppl are out null…now the new meta is wh(awesome fucking space) …low(easy access and fast gameplay) and NULL (boring place, boring fleet for boosting index and NO FUCKING FIGHT). With fozie sov the true null is dead.