The Best Eve Online Pick-Up Lines


Finding love instead of war in New Eden can be a challenge, but with this arsenal of pickup lines, it could be easier than you think. All these pickup lines have been tested and have a 100%* success rate.

Citadel Pick-Up lines
Show her you are topical and fresh with these brand new pick up lines developed for the new expansion.
“I may not have a Keepstar, but you’re a star worth keeping.”
“Girl if you were a citadel, you’d be a PalaFINE.”
“Would you show me the Palatime of my life?”
“You should invite me back to your citadel because I’m a standup guy.”
“If I’m going to be around you any longer I’m going to have to Fortizar my heart.”
“Damnnn girl, you’ve got a great ASStrahus”
“I was promised that i would be able to ‘build my dreams’ in the citadel expansion but your BPO is not seeded.”

Pick-Up Lines to use on miners.
I mean, some guys like chicks who dig rocks….  
“I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to Procure your number.”
“I normally don’t like to mine, so I’d like to make you mine instead.”
“You might not be flying a Hulk, but you sure are incredible.”
“Please step away from the Mackinaw, you’re melting all the ice.”
“Girl, I heard you like men with Endurance, I have Expedition Frigates 5.”
“Girl, just thinking about you makes me really Skiff.”
“Would you like to go on a little Venture with me?”
“You  can strip away my belt.”
“Your body is really Gneiss.”

Cute Pick-Up Lines
“Are you in a DED Site? Because I’ve got a 10/10 on scan in your direction.”
“I thought Heaven was a constellation in the Curse region, but apparently it’s also looking at you.”
“Are you with the Cartel? Because you’re definitely an Angel.”
“Hostiles are red, friendlies are blue, the only place I want to be, is in fleet with you.”
“Your smile is like a cyno, it lights up the whole system.”
“I need to fit some Magnetic Field Stabilizers, because this attraction between you and me is out of control.”
“A ship with polarized weapons would have higher resistances than I have to you.”
“You’re so hot you need to have a Heat Sink fitted.”
“Are you part of Permaband? Because everytime I see you I HTFU.”


Racial Pick-Up Lines
“Are you Minmatar? Because I can’t wait to tie you up.”
“Are you Caldari? Because you’re Condorable.”
“Are you Gallente? Because looking that good must be a Sin.”
“Are you Amarr? Because I need to Confessor my love for you.”

Module Pick-Up Lines
“Once I got you locked, I’m going to make you Tremor with my 1400mm cannon.”
“Girl, are you out of powergrid and CPU? Cause you’re so fit.”
“I tried putting you into a refinery but it failed because you’re already at the purest form.”

Ship Pick Up Lines
For use on your romantic interest when she or he is flying a specific ship.
“Are you flying an Ashimmu/Bhaalgorn? Because I want you to web me down and suck me dry.”
“Are you flying a Celestis/Maulus/Keres/Lachesis/Arazu? (F) Because you’re making me really damp.”
“I’m not that good with Imperial Slicers, but I’ll give you some feathering.”
“Are you into commitment? Because I’d siege green for you.”
“Are you flying a Daredevil/Vigilant/Vindicator? Because when you’re next to me I can’t move away.”
“Are you flying a Drake? Because listening to you makes me want to get back with my ex.”

Region Pick Up Lines
“You really Impassed me tonight and now I’m all Omist.”
“You can put it in my Scalding Pass any time.”
“Oh baby, you’re making my Black Rise.”
“Pull down your pants and show me your great wildlands.”
“It’s only 15 jumps from your Fountain to my Cloud Ring.”
“It may be Devoid now, but give me a little time and it’ll be a Wicked Creek.”

“Are you Razor? Because you’re missing from my life.”
“Can I pod you after we’re done? Because you’re going to need a fresh clone.”
“Are you a highsec station? Because I feel safe inside you.”

AT Prize Ship Pick Up Lines
“The only thing I want is Utu.”
“We can be Fiends with benefits.”
“I want to see you wearing an Imp suit.”
“I’m really into Whiptails and chains.”


* Test subjects may have been coerced, drugged, supplied with copious amounts of alcohol, telling me that they worked just to get me to stop using pick-up lines on them and/or have low standards.

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Suitonia is a veteran PvP pilot, PvPing for almost a decade solo or in small gangs, taking part in multiple alliance tournaments on the HYDRA RELOADED team (RIP), and a commentator/analyst for #EVE-NT Collides.

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    • Suitonia

      Why do you always use the gods name in vain. First it was oh “God yes suitonia”. And now this

  • so that’s how you got Gorski in the sack at eve-nt last fall

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    “This Vale will not be Of the Silent any longer, when I show you a good time.”

  • Marsha Mallow

    The originals were pretty good:
    Your lines are all directed at grrls (I think). Pretty sure we can come up with some in response.

    • I’d read em. Make it happen!
      (and there’s a few that could easily go either way, but yeah most of them are directed at girls.)

    • Suitonia

      Some good shut down lines.
      (to ship lines) “no, I’m flying a stealth bomber. I don’t apply well to small things”
      Are you flying a Carrier/Orthrus/Falcon/insert op or annoying ship here? Because I don’t want to be on grid with you.
      Are you in a DED site? Because I have a 1/10 on scan in your direction

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