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Tarek Raimo started his EVE career as another character during the summer of 2008 and joined a small corporation of new players under a first-time CEO. After that group of newbie miners and mission runners became the target of griefers, Tarek developed an interest in the metagame. 93006924_1024 Inspired by the story around the fall of BoB, he turned to spying and infiltration. He made his first experiences in the field of highsec PvP, griefing and mercenary work. Through a chain of events Tarek ended up among the sov-holding alliances of nullsec and worked as covert agent for the highest bidder. He ended up switching sides and accounts a few times until the summer of 2012. Embittered and disillusioned by the fallout of the CFC/HBC war against the Southern alliances of that time, Tarek left EVE back then. In early 2013 a RL friend convinced him to return and make a fresh start. Having severed all ties with his old EVE life, Tarek resubscribed with the position and skillpoints of a newbie but the experience of a veteran. This time however he went for the straight-arrow approach of lowsec small-gang PVP and Faction Warfare. There he found new enjoyment in an environment that was refreshingly different from the Serious Business™ of sov-nullsec. Coming from a RL background of social sciences, his fascination with the broader metagame of EVE remains, though.

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Tarek Raimo

Former nullsec spy (no not under that name of course) and current failure at lowsec solo PVP, Tarek spends his time not logging in to the game as much as he keeps thinking about its social and metagame nature and sharing some of those thoughts with the CZ readers.